Stitching the tear…

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I have always been great friends with her. Right since she joined my school and after waltzing around the groups, settled in with mine. Ever since she spoke and, as she says, found a connect in my words, and all I remember, we have been friends since then. That is, until now.

We were shuffled into different classes last year. A fair balance if you think about it, two years together, two apart. So I guess it changed last year. I guess the difference in sections and floors brought with it a mist. From cordial talks that required little effort to continue, we have come to “And? …And?….And?” From ecstatic telephone conversations, and endless laughs at meaningless jokes, we have come to cocking eyebrows and stares. From tightly gathered ponytails and run-loving legs we have, sigh, come to gossip too, yes, gossip.

And the comfort in sitting and talking is itching. The easy-ness in sharing is rough. And the excitement in hearing is slowly, and still slowly, breaking into routine. And all the cause behind the change is not un-willingness, not un-eagerness, not new friends…. but time. And the change it has brought in me, and her, and how i painfully seek something from her and can’t ask for it. (What, do I go to her and tell her what to say to me?) In response to the unmerciful awkwardness, I ask, and get asked, if there is something wrong, at home or somewhere, I am dying to blame this atrocious hurt on an external cause.

But it’s nothing I know. Just change. Old, grave change.

And what do I do? What ‘take’ must I adopt? Anger? Hostility? Irritation? Maybe they’ll work with her, the past’s closeness keeping the bond still fast…. but, it’s like a crack in the mirror. So- Ignorance? Outside help? Or the culprit, Time, itself? I don’t really know…

But what about him? He, also my friend? What about this frustration I set off today, in a moment of tension? What with him- Anger? Hostility? Irritation? …..Ignorance? Outside help? Time? ….. or maybe now, the Knife?


2 thoughts on “Stitching the tear…

    anjali said:
    April 21, 2012 at 7:00 AM

    not the most lucid of your blogs.
    I ENJOYED IT, yet i am not sure i understood some parts completely.
    much as i enjoy a mystery,i did not get the connect between u, ur friend and the boy.

      Ruchika responded:
      April 21, 2012 at 7:25 AM

      😀 Firstly, this is FICTION. Something I blissfully missed mentioning! So the connection between the NARRATOR, and her two friends is that she has been spoiling some friendships lately and is not enjoying it, of course. It’s a time of irritation with all the things going out of hand…. and she can’t decide just what to do to make things right…. And like some people of her age do, she wonders if she should rely on using the knife (cutting wrist-veins and such inflictions) to push these problems to the back of her mind.

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