Silver in the Heart -4

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Hot white flashes… Like furious cars in a All-White Grand Prix! Grand Prix with all it’s speed, and cheer, and glamour… all the noise, yes, the noise! These noisy little zooms in my head! Ridiculous! Like Ankur, the missing Ankur… like Karan, the strange Karan…  Like breaking  glass… and spilling water…. Little bright lights blinding me even when I have my eyes closed! Or are they? These lights seem pretty real. And wasn’t that a diagram I just passed?

Soon, my vision (or what I could decipher from it) was blocked by a big black blurr… like someone’s head…. like Karan’s head!

What had happened? Where was I now? I realised I was on something that rolled. Noisily. The last I remembered, something had broken near my head and sent gallons of glass and water on my face and neck…

“Kara…” I couldn’t manage his name, because they rolled me somewhere that needed him to stay outside. That and the awful smell I had grown to avoid by rule, made me realise it was a hospital I had woken in.

Okay, what in the world was happening? As little an accident as that couldn’t get me in hospital! Gosh, an Operation Room?!

The blinding bright lights, the array of sharp instruments, the doctors in masks… no way.

“Don’t worry, Sunny, you’re going to be alright…” Of course I was! There was nothing wrong with me! But why was this nurse telling me that? Tell the doctors, tell them! I don’t need an operation!

“Hey, I’m losing her! I’m losing her! Get tha….”

And I knew no more.

Oblivious to Sunny, there was a lot of other things going on that affected her, or would, in the next few days… that is, if she made it out of the operation, which she didn’t even know what for. There were phones buzzing all round the city… to families, friends… police units, ambulances, fire departments…. media, press…. and some more. There were sirens buzzing at a club near the hospital…. tapes being set up… smoke rising…. people crying, people wounded, people dying…

And somewhere on the bank of the local stream, under the bridge, away from the city and it’s traffic, a lone fisherman caught all sorts of rubbish in his desperate line, dying for food, until he drew up something he had never expected to find…


3 thoughts on “Silver in the Heart -4

    Ruchika responded:
    April 27, 2012 at 10:27 AM

    A stranger charmer, a dance, getting dizzy, missing company, unconsciousness…. Sunny has achieved all this already, and now a hospital, police cover and the typical fisherman-under-the-bridge scene….all sorts of traditional incidents come to the mind, but what happens with Sunny?

    anjali said:
    May 2, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    interesting.waiting for more.
    to continue with my summary (and understanding) of the story so far:
    P.S:do not leave loose thread and unanswered questions as you go along.
    good luck, or shall i say happy writing.

      Ruchika responded:
      May 2, 2012 at 12:02 PM

      Thanks so much! And I’ll keep the advice n mind!

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