Silver in the Heart -5

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I opened my eyes slowly- something in my heart said I wouldn’t like what I saw much, so I was on the look-out. Not that I could do much more, I felt like I was strapped to some high bed… in crisp sheets. It was very bright. As if there was a light-bulb right above my eyes. And even that I couldn’t see clearly, my vision was grudgingly fogged.

“Hey! How are you feeling? No, don’t you open your eyes…”

No points for guessing. It was Karan. “Not very good, really. Whatever happened to me?!” I mean, I have been oblivious to what has been happening to me while everyone around obviously knew just about everything. That didn’t feel good.

“Don’t think about it too much. Just relax, you are alright.” Duh.

“Ok, Mr. Overprotective, I’m chilling out just fine here. And don’t worry, I won’t have died if you told me I was in hospital!” I smiled.

“Yeah…. forgot you were smart.” But I knew he wasn’t smiling. “Listen, I got to go now… there’s this thing that has come up… umm… but I’ll be back and…”

“I understand. And you’ve probably not even slept the whole night so you go and see to that business.”

“How-” But then he left, softly closing the door behind him. Something was up with him, just like it was with everything else. And I could know none of it.


Karan walked with his head down through the labyrinth of corridors. From one ward to another, to another… how far the entrance seemed today. It was a difficult decision. But he had to do it. He couldn’t let her be with him for too long. No, he mustn’t. Finally, he was out in the open air, with not the least scent of her… not like the smothering fragrance of her hair in Room-207, where she slept all night yesterday.

Each step was heavier than the previous. It was a tough decision. But he must.

They say when you really want something, you eagerly accept any diversion towards that thing, good or bad. Karan could do anything to not have to go away. And his wishes were answered, but hardly.

“KARAN! Karan!!!!” There was a screeching yell from the hospital’s entrance. A man was running frantically towards the dumbstruck Karan.

“Jem, what’s wrong? Hey, hey cool down.” Jem could hardly breathe but he kept on saying ‘sorry’ like he would die if he didn’t say it enough times.

“I’m sorry man.”

Karan’s eyes opened wide. He wanted to shout but he couldn’t speak a word.

“She’s gone, man. I am so sorry…..She’s gone.  Sunny died a minute ago.”



4 thoughts on “Silver in the Heart -5

    bhavika said:
    April 29, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    awesome …. now here comes the great twist again ……. after a very long time there comes an outstanding blog from your side …….. and i think it is the best blog in this series after silver in the heart -1.

      Ruchika responded:
      April 30, 2012 at 11:47 AM

      Bhavika, I am glad you like it.. specially since I have been disappointing you for a long time! Just wait for more!

    anjali said:
    May 2, 2012 at 8:21 AM

    sunny awake
    karan still around.
    leaves but apparently reluctantly .why?
    why is jem coming from the entrance ( towards karan who is inside) if he is bringing the news of sunny’s death (who too is admitted in the hospital).

      Ruchika responded:
      May 2, 2012 at 11:59 AM

      There seems to be a bid misunderstanding. Karan says he MUST not be with her for too long. Then he reluctantly walks away and is well OUT OF THE HOSPITAL when Jeremy runs up to him, Jeremy was still inside and had no need to stay/leave. That is why, Karan and Jeremy run BACK into the hospital, towards the dead Sunny.

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