Silver in the Heart -10

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He wasn’t a fisherman by the actual meaning of the word. He had taken up throwing his net in the Yamuna to get food for herself, when he was beaten by the world to expect nothing better. But after this incident, he swore to try and find his way in the world, horrified lest he too should turn up like that.

Such an honourable man too. One search in his pocket, and Officer Yadav had an unmistakable identification. A good, respectable family…. what was the boy in, that he be killed and disposed off such! And in the opposite corner of the city?! Anyways, Officer Yadav had a whole list of ‘steps’ to take up. Call the family. Take the body up to a chill-room. And of course, the press.

Before evening, his face, with name and all, was all over the news. “In the shocking events following the terrorist shelling at Jevenia Club two days ago, a body has been found under the ITO bridge. What’s more suspicious is that the man is a Mr. Ankur Jain, resident of Paschim Vihar, so why was his dead body in the other end of the city? Also, Ankur had been missing since the shoot-out. The police are suspicious that his death might be directly linked to the same….”

“I guess that’s another dead end. Literally.” Jeremy had revived his coolness, Ankur being not one of his favourite people in the stint. They were in yet another cafe, going over a new plan and having coffee, and cafes seemed to be propitious for both.

“Killed… Sunny, most likely. Then her friend, Varuna, after being warned. And in all likelihood, this one too, by the same person or persons, but before Varuna. That’s some colourful kill-list. Someone desperately wants to hide something.” Karan’s voice had almost stopped shaking when he said Sunny’s name. But Jeremy knew better.

“We have two options now. We dig in, deep, into what she did that morning, and hunt down any leads we come up with. But that also brings those leads in danger, I have this feeling this killer-maniac has dried up of information and is waiting for something to happen. Or more dead bodies would have been dropping….. Damn! One morning I leave her unobserved and all this starts!” Karan sat thinking.

“You know what, sometimes I think what the police actually does, after something like this happens. They haven’t done much about that shooting. They still don’t know how connected Ankur and Varuna are. And there is no way that one can, sort of, tip them off…. Weird. I wouldn’t want my death to be interrogated by these people….” And with a sudden sly grin, Jeremy added, “Actually Karan, would you like to have the honour of investigating my death?”

But to Jeremy’s surprise, Karan was actually hooked by something. “Tip them off… That’s it. If we need to talk to someone and yet not have them killed, all we need is the police protecting us. Of course, they won’t know they were doing that… they would just keep the killer at bay.”

Jeremy sat awestruck. The oldest trick in the book. But he didn’t know whether to pat himself or kick his own rear. Pretty dumb, to say the solution and not know you did.


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