Silver in the Heart -9

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“Come on! Now!” Karan was horrified. He wished hard that it wasn’t what he thought. Don’t let her be dead. Please, not her!  It was the second time in two days that Karan was praying for someone’s life.

Jeremy wasn’t concerned about calling attention anymore. With that loud a bang, no one was looking at him, all the residents had moved out in front of the catastrophe-hit house. Strange people, Jeremy thought, why don’t they go seek cover?!

Karan and Jeremy caught up, fighting their way through the crowd, with the few men who volunteered to go in and check. In a  minute, five wary males were seen cautiously, or rather afraid, enter the house, two more comfortable than the rest, but trying desperately to look scared to their wits, despite the guns under their shirts. As they turned into the drawing room, a dull place, with no light but for the slight gap in the drawn curtains, two men turned away, one puked, and two tried to gather as much information as they could before they had to disappear again.

The sirens were faintly heard in the fatal street by the time  Karan had driven two kilometres away from the crime-scene, with a gaping Jeremy beside him.

“She’s dead. She’s gone.”

Back in the drawing room, a dead Varuna Gupta lay sprawled on the floor, her blue dress stained with the gallons of blood flowing down her neck. Her eyes were wide open, her right hand clutching an old revolver.

Karan’s mind was at it’s best. “The subject won’t come in her own house, through the window, if she wasn’t warned beforehand that she was in danger, She wouldn’t shoot herself at that important point of her life. She couldn’t shoot herself… the gunshot wound was to the left of her neck, only slightly, but making it extremely inconvenient to  shoot oneself. The killer was ready. With that loud a bang, he couldn’t afford not to be.”

“Someone wants Sunny to be left alone, dead. Or, as I think it is now, killed. We need to find someone else who was with her that morning. And we need to be there before the next kill. Oh yes, there are going to be more,” answered Karan to a  horrified Jeremy. This was not what Jem had expected when Karan had come to him with his plan. But he wasn’t backing out.


Across the city, in a small police station, a fisherman sat waiting for a police officer to attend to him, sweating- not just because of the heat, but also because of the nature of his complaint. When finally a lean officer, ‘Officer Rajiv Yadav’, sat down to take the fisherman’s First Information Report, his pen stopped mid-flight and he listened to the story, rapt.

He called his Station House Officer, and was told ‘whatever it was, deal with it’ because the SHO was busy somewhere else, as usual.

“You say you found the body under the bridge?”

The fisherman nodded. There was no way he was telling them he had caught it in his own net. Officer Yadav went over the story one more time, told the fisherman to ‘stay around’ and set up his team for the investigation. Investigation of the un-identified body under the ITO Bridge, over Yamuna River.


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