Silver in the Heart -11

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Jeremy was once again, on the passenger seat. In operations like these, he tended to end up being driven, and being told. But then he was good at that. Tell him what to do and he would perfect it, but don’t ask him to decide.

Jeremy sat thinking about his phony ‘warning call’ to the Delhi Police, about the kill he was supposedly about to make in the Paschim Vihar locality. They were driving to the same area now, and Jeremy coudn’t stop thinking about the fate he had predicted for that place….

“There’s going to be  a murder in colony BG-I. In the evening. It’s going to be big.” was all that he had needed to freak out the constable listening. Just for good measure, and also to live the moment dramatically, he had added a sly “Catch me if you can.” and had mimicked the typical villian laugh as he heard the constable call out in the station. At least he now knew that they would come for sure. Yet, he did not tell Karan about the little art he had added.

Karan pulled into the colony across the road from BG-I. The lead he had hunted down was Sunny’s usual hairdresser. Yet another thing Jeremy had missed- girls that went to parties also went to parlours more often that not. And Karan had an idea that Sunny’s luxuriant brown curls that day were done in a parlour.

Karan turned off the engine. In the silence of the colony, Jeremy finally realised the risk they were in. Karan seemed equally aware of the situation, because he was resting his head against the window and thinking.

They had called the police right into their scene. A professional killer was probably following the same leads, with the only intent to kill, and should he know that Karan and Jeremy were his biggest problems, he wouldn’t waste a second with their lives.

“Karan, what happens if the police don’t come?”

“We have just got to keep it very quiet then. If we don’t have protection, we don’t take risks. But I suppose you do have your gun?” Jeremy checked once again, and as his hand touched the cold trigger, he felt much better.

“Actually, my real concern all along has been what we would do if the police did come, but the pro didn’t….. How do we deal with the police?” Karan asked thoughtfully.

“Must we? We could just leave them….” Jeremy didn’t care much about the law since he saw how useless they were. He thought, once again, how much he would like Karan to investigate his death, when he obviously died in some op.

“No… we will have to do something.” Jeremy was surprised. Karan never left any decisions for so late in the game. No, Karan must already have a plan, he must already have thought out everything beforehand.. only, he needed assurance…. no, he had something in mind…

Jeremy leaned back in his seat. He wanted to have all the peace before they went on with the plan… He could already feel the tension mounting. So many times had he done this, but still he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. The heat was already rising. the silence already wrong… eerie… as if someone was holding back the noise so he could launch his attack. As the two men slipped out of the car and walked up to the first door to their right, Jeremy felt that things were put on a ‘Hold’ mode, everything seemed to be waiting patiently for them to do something…. It felt like the calm awaited its storm… somewhere police jeeps were honking and racing, and a placid, ruthless killer made his way towards them… getting closer and closer…

And then he looked at  Karan, his eyes were sparkling as if he were high on cocaine, but Jeremy knew how conscious Karan actually was at that moment. He saw in his eyes how much this meant for him, how much he would willingly give up to perfect this meeting, and all that followed in this mission. They say some people just are made out of gold. Karan had his failings, and he couldn’t qualify for first place. But the man had silver in his heart…. pure, yet real…


4 thoughts on “Silver in the Heart -11

    Ruchika responded:
    May 4, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    They are at the scene and the heat is rising…. Also, I am pleased to note that the length of each part is increasing… from 300 to 400 and on and on to 700 words now! Yet, it seems the action is pretty much the same in each part. Any suggestions? 😀

    bhavika said:
    May 5, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    Mr. Ankur Jain ???? BG-1???? Paschim Vihar???? the suspense was awesome . Ankur dead, Varuna dead and Sunny dead. (all dead) and yes i agree with Priya that u should write novels as u are better than many authors i have read . and i guess u are currently writting a novel , right?

      Ruchika responded:
      May 5, 2012 at 12:33 PM

      Yes, the very familiar name and places because this time I wanted to make my story domestic…. not in some far-off country I hadn’t even visited! Yes, It’s raining dead bodies but lets hope i don’t make it too notorious! And about the novel-in-making….. amn’t I at one always? 😀

    anjali said:
    May 23, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    finally a reference to the title!

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