Silver in the Heart -19

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Karan and Jeremy sat down as silently as possible. They held their breaths. It had been a quick one, this duck. Not that they were scared, or surprised for that matter. A twelve year job as an ‘Information Officer’ in the Army makes this kind of stuff so much a routine that adrenaline just cannot kick in in such petty surprises. Though they had left the Office long back, they had never lost the skills. After all, how can you un-learn being clever?

In the shade of the house they were leaning against, in the colony opposite Mrs. Virmani’s, both were silent. Listening for all sounds, specially those of police jeeps. They had just been coming up the road, as planned, when the furious police jeep had rushed past them, causing them to change their plan. Not only had it stopped at the Virmanis’, Jeremy also recognised the Officer behind the wheel- the one who he had taken permission from before seeing Mrs. Virmani last time. Jay Mehra’s second appearance, and so casually too, might cause a few suspicions, he said.

Jeremy was thinking. “….Tell Karan; a nice girl, so nice she would never turn down an old lady’s request… she never refused to eat with me, to take me- but well, how does it matter now?…..” Mrs. Virmani knew something about Sunny. And she was saying very clearly, they could know all of it if they could pay the price. The plan was simple. Pay the price. Officer Yadav complicated it.

Just as he was diverting his brain’s most gruelsome thoughts to Mrs. Virmani’s, Karan was deciding if it was all right now to get out. And anyway, Jeremy needed to hide, not he.

“I’m going.” He said, getting up.

“Where?”, asked Jeremy, shaken out of his pleasing visions of torturing Mrs. Virmani. That was one luxury he could afford, in the sticky circumstances.

“To the house. Just saw that Officer return.”

Karan went and looked at the house over the boundary wall of the colony. All was quiet, just as they had anticipated previously.

“No way Karan! SHE can still create trouble!”

“Nothing we didn’t account for, Jem!”

“It’s too much police right now, Karan! Will you please stop losing it again and again, I care too, okay!”

Karan calmed down. But he didn’t change his mind.

“Jem. I have to go. Please just-”

Karan stopped in the middle of his sentence.

“Listen to Jem, Karan. You aren’t going anywhere.” An unknown figure said, pushing Jeremy back. It was more the gun he pointed at Karan’s head than his sudden appearance that made Jeremy comply.

And there he stood, looking at the grinning man, whose gun remained steady at Karan’s temple, like a pro’s.


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