Silver in the Heart -22

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Karan was alive. At least till then.

Fifteen minutes had passed, and his hands were now going numb. The belt was digging into his wrists, and his eyes were hurting. Blind, literally and metaphorically. He really couldn’t hear anything the shooter was saying. Just random words- “sell” among them. Sell? What the hell did the shooter want sold?! And right now?

Things were not okay. The shooter was up to something really evil. Karan wasn’t sure how long he would live.


Think Jem, think!

It was hard to fill two meters distance with a successful escape route, especially when his thoughts kept flickering to Karan… and his fate.

What if I defied…? What if I said NO? But Karan….

Jeremy turned away. He was now a meter away from the blue-shirt man. He took out the cell phone. He would call the shooter and-

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone vibrating. It was the shooter. Of course, he was looking.

“I want to hear Karan’s voice. Before I do anything else.”

“You surprise me, Jeremy! That was smart. Here you go…”

There was some ruffle, it seemed that the shooter was pulling Karan.

“Speak to your girlfriend, fussy.” He heard the shooter say.

Jeremy waited for Karan’s voice. “How long Jem?”

His heart fell. Karan’s voice- so low, so tired. Sitting right under the sun, on a slim edge, blind, and bound…. seemed less dangerous than it was. Had it not been for their past training in the Army, Karan would long have been unconscious.

“Hold in there, Karan. I’ll get us out of this-”

“How sweet. Nothing beats two love birds, specially in a cage. Time’s running Jeremy. I’m beginning to think I won’t have to shoot Karan after all. I’ll just leave him to the sun. Poor guy… anyway, you do the trade, I might ease things for him, fair deal?” The phone clicked.

Jeremy turned and walked towards the blue shirt. Use those drama skills. Sell him the packages. Just sell it.

Once again in native Hindi, “Sir? ‘Scuse me, sir?”

The man turned. Jeremy almost fainted. It was Officer Yadav.

It made complete sense! The flurry in which he had come to Mrs. Virmani’s house in the morning, was obviously because of something serious. It was only natural that he would want to stay around… He was in plain clothes… he might be on guard… or gathering information.

But there was trouble. It was Officer Yadav, and he had recognised Jeremy.




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