Silver in the Heart -26

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The pistol was pointed at his forehead. Karan could see down the muzzle…. All was dark….

He closed his eyes. Death would be so sweet…. Sunny….

“That’s good… resign.” The shooter was savouring the moment.

Resign…. Sunny…. her killer….. No….

Karan opened his eyes, a new motivation in them. He must fight. He must go on.

But it was too late. CRACK! The sound pierced Karan’s ears, he squeezed his eyes by reflex. Blood wet his cheek, warm on his skin. A pain shot out in his temple, like metal crushing his skull, and Karan lost consciousness.




Excruciating pain…

Thump thump

His head hurt like hell. So much pressure round the skull… like a hundred cello-tape rounds were squeezing it in place. This must be what Hell feels like.

Lub dub…. Lub dub….

His heartbeat was getting normal. Great, let’s go see Hell!

The pain kept throbbing. His head was really beginning to kill him…. just an expression…

“Karan?” A voice broke through his tour plan of Hell.

Jeremy?! What was he doing in Hell? Of course! That’s where he would go too. God.. that shooter… got to Jem too, huh.

Matters of a different world, Karan ignored them. “Hey Jem. Can you see?”

“You can too, Karan. Just open your eyes real slow. The lights are already low, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Nice setting in Hell!

Karan tried to open his eyes. It took some time to gain control of his eyelids. When he finally pushed them back, his temples hurt again.

“Wait, I’ll increase the light. I’ll do it slow, give you time to adjust.”

Slowly, lights came switching on. Switching on?! Soon it was as bright as day. Nice! There own light-control!

“Hey Jem, did he get you too?”

He didn’t get a response. He heard Jeremy scuffle over. Then his face blocked the nearest light.

“You look good. Why does my head ache, Jem?”

Karan suddenly realised. That light…. a hospital ceiling… A Hospital Smell.

He turned his head. He jerked his head. “Jeremy?”

“It’s OK, Karan. You’re here.”

And Jeremy lunged forward, overcome with emotions so. He hugged Karan like his life depended on it.

From beneath Jeremy, Karan managed, “Jerrmii, jusst becoss I’m stuc to the bedd dusnt mean you can take advantage uff mi.”

Jeremy laughed away. “Man, I almost lost you.” He was, thankfully, not gonna cry, Karan noted.

Jem got up. “Hey, you rest… I got to go check with the desk… anyway, I still got to deal with Officer Yadav.”

“Ya… that.” Karan groaned. His head hurt!

“Hey! What hit me?”

“His gun. I didn’t exactly see it would drop right on you… when I shot him. Dude, straight in the heart. Another thing to explain to Officer Yadav.” Jeremy rolled his eyes and walked away.

Karan closed his eyes. My man, Jem.

“Karan. It’s Room 207.” Jeremy said, from the door.

My man, my man.


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