A full day

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It was dark. Infinitely dark. Disoriented, glazed, I sat back in the chair, the only thing I could feel present. Where were the walls, the steps, the ends? The dark hid it all. Sweat gathered on my brow. It was cold, yet I was sweating. In fact, it was so cold, the nape of my neck was chilling. I bundled up, the closest I could, but the silence, the dark and the cold were easily winning…

And then, far away, amidst sheer nothingness, some words popped out….

‘No animals were harmed during the making of this film.’

And the movie began. And you know what, I wasn’t so cold anymore. It was a light comedy, (which is a silent way of telling the directors that if it was meant to be anything else, it didn’t work.) called ‘Ferrari Ki Sewarri’. Now, since I have more foreign readers than Indian, which I’m pleasantly surprised to know, I will give you the English translation.  It means Ride in a Ferrari. It was fun. I wondered in between, if the protagonists in my on-going story, Jacko and Jenny, would like a movie in their life… I decided against it. Jenny won’t sit still and Jacko wouldn’t give much response, and anyway, no one would take them.

So after all the medium size six inch Pepsi, and bag(s) of popcorn and laughing and crying and racing one-another in the hall (what, I was with my cousins!), it ended. I just love the way one grins after a movie finishes. You can’t help it, and it’s for no reason! I love it.

So that’s how my day ended. But I know you’re hardly convinced that my ‘full day’ was really full and this isn’t your time’s worth yet, so okay, I’ll say what all really happened.

Start with the breakfast. A VERY IMPORTANT THING. LISTEN TO THEM WHEN THEY CALL IT THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL. I had cold macaroni salad with, nothing else. Because that’s how a normal breakfast goes, not with rounds of milk and cheese and juice and berries as they say in them picturesque books, like Heidi. What, this isn’t a movie going on here, it’s a Real Breakfast. And yes, I did have water!

I’m guessing my dietary plan isn’t going to be very interesting any further so just wind the clock forward a few hours. It is late morning (that only sounds oxymoron-ish) and my mom, uncle and aunt, and me are off to a market to buy lights. Like wall lights and a humble chandelier (now this IS an oxymoron) for the house. I find it very important to mention here that the first shop we went in and the first set my aunt and me chose, was the one we eventually bought after one hour and a half of roaming around a chaotic, dingy and wet market, having climbed four flights of stairs and got down too of course, which makes it eight, and such stunts. (It was fun okay, but we had it in the first place!)

I discovered some fun things on the way. The market we went to, Bhagirat Place it’s called, is not a very hep place. Now everyone has their definitions but it’s a part of Old Delhi so the things are basically old fashioned and have a pace of their own. It’s actually like a masterpiece, you can’t TRY and create such places as are in Old Delhi. Like, I counted one temple, TWO Guru-dwaras (holy place for the Sikh), a mosque AND a church. All on the same road, even sharing walls. Now that’s National Integrity. And they weren’t just ordinary buildings, one of the Guru-dwaras was where a Guru was martyred. The mosque is THE mosque of the nation. The temple is super duper famous, and has a Bird Hospital next to it. And yet, you won’t call the place religious. And you won’t call it patriotic either but that’s where a national flag is waved 24x7x365 on one of the country’s most important monuments- the Red Fort. That’s how amazing this place is. ‘Just no words’ has a meaning.

There’s lottttts for which the area is famous. And no one in the country has yet been able to shake the popularity this rural joint has. Like there’s this Paranthe Wali Gali. This is something like a Pancake Street. I read somewhere that you could describe a Parantha as a deep-fried pancake of wheat and stuffed vegetables which is optional. I had never been there. It’s not a place for hygiene freaks but it’s THE place for people who know TASTE. Melting, delicious and yumm are not just words anymore.

And then a  surprise. Even in the most ‘modern’ places in Delhi, there are soo many places where the simplest of spellings (English) are painfully wrong. Like ‘slacks’ become ‘slex’ and what not. But here, in a minuscule sari shop, the words ‘Georgette’ and ‘Crepe’ were spelled perfectly right. Take that! All the rave about education and modernization and city better than town! Huh!

The notions people have about Old Delhi! You call it unsafe? I didn’t ONCE feel threatened and I was wearing shorts. Dull? Have you ever FELT the rush of that place? Boring? I went into this street, where mostly silver was being sold, and in this window, there was a piece of lingerie hung up, of thin silver chains. The point I’m making here is creativity. Don’t laugh.

And then I felt what a wonderful day it was, specially with my three super-cool super-smart super-fun and super-etcetra family members.

Now I can’t stay long to tell you about the superman game later on, or about the race where if I lost I would be tickled to death, or the heated Mahjong tournament, but I think you get the idea. Just another day in my life when my cousins are here and it’s vacations!

And lastly, I recommend anyone who hasn’t done it yet to go and watch Madagascar 3 RIGHT NOW because it’s one hell of a joyride. And very well worth your time, if you did read THIS blog to the end! (Madagascar, I just came back from. :))


4 thoughts on “A full day

    saumya marwaha said:
    July 2, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    wow.! that was really nice n hey! dont you ever forget your ‘mere’ indian fans out there… 🙂
    i loved it…( n your language n translation typically used in tourist guide books just added to the charm 🙂 ) ps: madagascar was obviously super fun !!

      Ruchika responded:
      July 3, 2012 at 1:29 AM

      Thanks thanks thanks! And Madagascar- was STELLAR! 😀

    bhavika said:
    July 7, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    A-M-A-ZING , “just no words” great, now i know why u told me that i will particularly like it

      Ruchika responded:
      July 7, 2012 at 11:54 AM

      Because you can connect, yes.

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