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Ice cream!
Google should add a disclaimer- “Tempting and more tempting pictures have been disabled on Google to keep people from gnawing and drooling on their computer screens”

Look at that picture once. Yes, try to limit it to ONCE. Could you possibly resist day dreaming about Mountains of Ice Cream and waffles and syrups and cherries and sprinkles?! Even that last cone back there with two waffle sticks or similar looking cunning cutlery is so damn irresistible.

Is t even ethical to put such pictures on the net? Poor singers who must deprive themselves, poor ill people who are made to! Here are a few of those mind NUMBERS I found on the net and just HAVE to mention. Why should I go cartoons on them alone?

Now THAT is, DEATH by chocolate.

They have a habit to call any exclusive chocolate- Death by Chocolate. Now I ask this; if they know it’s toxicly convincingly deathly, WHY do they serve it?! Behold dear readers, these heartless wretches who will tempt up even into Death for sake of profits, these devils!

Since we ARE on the page of unethical propaganda of YUMMMMM food, I call your attention to those sadists who will print enticing food pics on T-shirts and bags! What, do they really think we will come to their pastry shop because we saw their Butterscotch wings on a poly bag? NO, heart and brain, we will NOT! Stop it! Not one bite, NO!

AAAhhhh! Mom, this kid is attacking me!!! Someone please tell him that wool does NOT taste good before he bites off me!

And please please explain to me the thought behind knitting ice creams on sweaters! I myself have owned a sweater with three cones of ice creams on the front, only to be deceived that party night when I made a friend in the gathering only to realise later on that the reason she stuck by me was that she couldn’t avert her eyes from the strawberry cone! Mean Girl, just go to the ice cream parlour if you’re that selfish!

Bet you want this one, eh? WITH the cones? 😀

Then, there’s this food blog I read. (You know what I mean by ‘read’ 🙂 ) It’s amazing, and I give my second reference ever- The Oven Mitt. The pictures on this blog, are, haggardly maniacally appallingly KILLingly delicious. Also, this is the place that made me look out for dessert cutlery, and knives and such and what I found was, not, easy.

You should know by now how big an ice cream freak I am. But is that the end? Hell no! It takes the collective pleads from my mom, sister and my own logical mind to convince my heart to PLEASE NOT click on the links Google deviously provides. Cake? Pastry? CHOCOLATE pastry?

Yet I do one. 🙂 Cakes. I should NOT have.

So what I am already cut, do you want me less? Exactly!

I wonder if one get diabetes just by looking. Oh boy, how I wish we were in the Ice Age! My poor fingertips, how they brace the fury of my teeth!!! *Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw*

But, but, but. This is not it just yet, Ladies and Gentlemen (Dineresses and Diners). We still have not reached The Winner.

Brace yourselves.

For It.

The Dessert.




Disclaimer: Complaints regarding the hazardous effects of viewing this blog post, especially by children, are not to be blamed on this blog. Please, with all sincerity, attack Google, and give one from our side too.


5 thoughts on “Slurrrrrp!

    Starstone said:
    July 2, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    awesome… I think its a good thing I’m always broke, otherwise I’d go by ice and cake now 😛

      Ruchika responded:
      July 3, 2012 at 1:26 AM

      The problem with being broke in Delhi and being an ice-cream fan is that there are always enough buddies who will lend you money for ICE CREAM, though they might not there for parking fare or metro tickets. Because not only are you going to return it all, you got to buy the lender one big cone too. 🙂

        Starstone said:
        July 3, 2012 at 11:25 AM

        haha yeah that sounds like a problem 😉

    saumya marwaha said:
    July 2, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    the disclaimer : epic!!!! where do you get these ideas from ayways??

      Ruchika responded:
      July 3, 2012 at 1:27 AM

      I was thinking what some of my favourite bloggers would say after they read this post and the first thing that came up was- “I hate you! You made me lick my computer screen and fizzle it out!” Hence, the disclaimer. 😀

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