Nut and Bolt

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Nut and Bolt
Hey!! I’m nut. This is bolt. And we are screwed.

The conventional, the common, the obvious meaning of Nut and Bolt is simple. It’s parts of the screw that has saved many a day. As I said, simple. But it’s also very boring.

No good for me. My imaginative mind refuses to accept such cute phonetic words could be wasted so horribly. What I’d like nut and bolt to mean, and what they do mean every now and then, is a fun game. Let’s play!

Say you meet a nutjob. Notice the nut. And though you don’t like it, you spend half an hour with him with no escape. Finally, finally, there is a chance to escape. You think about the half hour this guy has frizzled your brain and played with your senses and you want revenge. Take a hammer/ rod/ any heavy stuff you find around/ your fists if nothing else, and bring it crashing down on his head. Logically, now run for it.

Nut the nut and Bolt.

Tar Friends
Hey! I’m nut, she is bolt. Together we are a screw!!! Everyone loves Tar Friends!


Now, you meet two fast friends, thick as tar, who stick together so much and so often that one thinks they are really literally stuck, like with glue. They go together so much that you’ll call them bread and butter, thread and needle, pancakes and maple syrup or….

Nut and Bolt.

Some people in life are vulnerable. They were always there to be sat upon by the biggies. Others are the one who sit on them. Lightly maybe, but if a seat’s available, even dogs take it. This one’s tricky. Pay attention. The dumb servant is the nut. For obvious reasons. And bolts crack open, when something strikes them at the right place. Things like lightning bolts.

Nut cracked by bolt.

Bolt, the movie
Remember that smart dog? No points for guessing HER name! Though it’s not really ‘Nut’…

I can’t possibly finish taking about bolts without mentioning Bolt, the super dog. I liked that film. Now I don’t have anything against that girl. She’s smart and super cute. And I’ve always wanted my hair like that. (Yes, the colour too.) But, but, but, at the altar of consistency, she’s got to be called- ‘Nut’. And that shows that nuts may not necessarily be wacko.

BOLT (Frizzzzz, frrroommm…. craaaaaccccccck! Laser eyes!) and ‘Nut’.

That’s pretty much the list of common Nuts and Bolts. Except the real Nut and Bolt, the dullard one. There’s one more though, I realised some days ago and that set off this post in the first place. It’s this guy you know…

Yeah, it’s one of those types…

The dub-dub kind….

The heartbeat, you know…

I’m Nuts for him! But if you see very technically…. I’m the Bolt because he’s always in my mind and the nut is the part that ‘enters’ the bolt. Ok, lameness apart.

Ain’t my Nuts and Bolts better? I know!




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