Over the Rainbow

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard that oldie (goldie) from The Wizard Of Oz- Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Wizard of Oz
Somewheeeere Overrr the Rainboooowwww!!!

I actually first read it in my English coursebook in seventh grade. And since I was traveling then, which means no Internet, I gave it my own little tune and sang through the night with my little sister. She was little then. Only when I reached the destination, did I get to check if I was even remotely close. Nah. No luck. But I liked my tune better, I remember, it was a little less drawn out and a little more peppy. Though I can’t compare now, because the tune got lost somewhere over the years.

Anyway, here’s what came out of the whole ordeal. The idea’s back from seventh grade, the expression is today’s.

Maybeline would never have known what was going on, if she hadn’t woken up early that one day. Just that once and it had proved so wrong.

Rubbing her eyes softly with her little fair hands, May came in to her mother and father’s room to wish them a very happy morning. But it wasn’t to be, because neither was inside, and the bed was already made up.

As is often the case with mysteries, people have misunderstandings, and they live in them till the person they loathe shows his true divinity. At once, May frowned and wondered if her parents were hiding something from her. But just as the two little eyebrows came together, the truth was out, for out jumped her mother and father behind her and cried out, “Surprise Baby!”

Maybeline would never have known what had been going on for so many days if she hadn’t woken up early that birthday.

“Oh May dear! A very very happy birthday dearie!!! Ohh, we heard you get up and couldn’t get the flowers in time! But you just wait and see, we HAVE planned a grand party all day, down to the last firecracker!”

And there was hugging and kissing and wishing and laughing. And it would all have gone on throughout the day had there not been a sudden loud blast nearby.

Then everyone panicked.

May clutched her mother, who picked her up and ran after her husband onto the street. And what they saw was probably the most amazing sight ever. Also the most baffling, for how a rainbow could have dropped right into their backyard, Maybeline’s family could just not explain.

Maybeline was delighted. Her mother was scared, because she believed in alines. And her father was ecstatic, because he had been an enthusiastic mountaineer. Yet, none got to do anything about it, because as is often the case in The States, the Law came in between. Police, two Fire Brigades, FBI cars were already on the scene and the sirens were yet not ceasing. It was the best birthday Maybeline could ask for.

Like a good little dreamer, she thought this was God’s gift to her for being such a regular church-goer. So she begged mommy and daddy to let her run just a little bit over the rainbow.

(Pause story)

Now in the real world, the parents would be so scared stiff that they would probably run down to the cellar and hide. (But then in the real world, a rainbow couldn’t possibly come down to land because it isn’t really a physical thing but a spectrum in the sky. Science on my tips.)

So in the real world, it was a decisive ‘NO WAY!!!” birthday or no birthday. But this is a story. And the bottom line is May will go (what’s the point otherwise?). I could have her run off OR sneak away OR really bring the aliens her mommy so fears OR levitate her to it OR what not. So I’ll just skip to her ON the rainbow.

What’s that? Not so interesting? Oh if you must!

May: Daddy, I want to go on…

Daddy: Oh May! But…

Mommy: May!!! BUT…

May: Please daddy please…

Mommy: We don’t know just WHAT there…

Daddy: All the police…

Creaaakk! Booom! Zooppp! Zzzap! FRIZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Little Green Alien: Hey May! Come on aboard!


(Resume story)

So May ran as fast as she could to where the rainbow danced ever so lightly on the grass. And the police ran after her, and the firemen screamed and brought out their hoses, and the FBI glared at the police and stayed upright in their over-starched suits. And May ran on to the rainbow.

She looked down at her feet, and saw the colours glitter where she stepped. She walked forward, on and on, till she was so high in the sky she could have jumped and landed only on clouds. And finally she reached the point where she could climb no longer but must sit down and slide!

And what a slide! WHAT a slide! As she bend towards the red end, roses sprung up by her side. As she swept her hands through the indigo, the clouds danced overhead and laughed with her. As she slid, May saw some brave skyscrapers peep over the clouds, the birds make ample nests on them, the sun complete the picture, and the rainbow gliding through it all. For once May was scared when she saw one particular tower-top strike out through the rainbow. But as she neared, the tower bent down underneath and May passed over safe. What a swish, what a glide, what a flight May had that birthday.

And then a song floated through, and broke her thoughts-

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

There’s a land that I heard of

Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow

Skies are blue

And the dreams you dare to dream

May the do come true!

And May remembered her mother and father and wanted to go back home when suddenly there was a very sharp swish and May closed her eyes.

“Happy Birthday May”, her mother whispered in her ears, and May opened her eyes.

“Good morning baby.” her mother said, as she cuddled her little one and gave her the white roses she had brought her.


2 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow

    bhavika said:
    July 13, 2012 at 11:40 PM

    a very , common ending story (finding it was a dream) but nice

      Ruchika responded:
      July 14, 2012 at 4:24 AM

      Yes, it indeed is very common, sply in Indian schools. If it may come as some consolation, I only use it where I must.

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