Why I’d give Melanie a Second Look but not Matt

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I have no friend called Melanie. Nor do I know any Matt. But I know the names. And Melanie would probably be my choice over Matt if I were idle in a  chat room and both were available to talk. (Given that at this point I am not biased towards boys, which I can be, at times, for obvious reasons.)

The divine reason why? Because I love good names.

Names, I was taught in school, is the first level of our identity. Not that all my classmates understood identity, but we know exactly what names are.

  1. Foundation for jokes.
  2. The only blessed tags in history that have not been the cause of war.

A lot of babies have been born around me lately. A lot of name-suggesting… My first criteria has always been an interesting name, and preferably not very common. Secondly, it should begin with the letters between K and S. Cause in India, in most of the schools, we are given roll numbers alphabetically by our first names and that matters a lot.

Now I’ll  get back to the title. Firstly, I was pretty bored of short titles and this seemed a good break. And secondly, in one of the epiphanic moments today, I realised how much I liked good, pretty names. And before you go on, a very important disclaimer: Names matter, but people FIRST. And any resemblance to any person living or dead is PURELY co-incidental. Also, if you and I are enemies, and your name is in the list of Names I don’t Prefer, it’s not really because of the name. Please, I’m not that stupid.

Names I’m in Love with…

Pakhi, the Bird and Saachi, the Truth. Best. Names. Ever. Both of these belong to my lovely cousins and my aunty takes a lot of complaining from me on how she had already booked the bestest already.

James. (Also Bond.) Yes, I am such a fan that I can easily love you at least a little just for the name. And even if you are fat, ugly and chauvinistic, I could manage.  Similarly with William, but that’s perhaps because the L’s are so cute and the M gels so well.

Avni. That’s another Indian name. Another cousin. And though it breaks my Range Of Alphabet rule, it’s a very regal-ish name. Very princess-like. Very Second Look.

Bhanvi. YET another Indian name. I noticed how Indians are super imaginative in names, and even in that variety, HARDLY any Indian name doesn’t have a meaning.

Arthur. Yes,yes, this one’s from King Arthur. Legends are everyone’s favourites.

Nelson. Good! Nelson Mandela. This one I feel is very CIA-ish. So if you have a friend in school by that name, doubt his true identity. ‘The name’s Nelson, Detective Nelson.

Ooh!MY name! Ruchika. It means Interests, or Hobbies. And It’s a very special name. It can be posh when I want and absolutely ruddy if I choose. When spoken in American and English accent, I have found it to be very stylish. (Indian accent is too diverse to judge by.) It’s a pretty sweet name, though my sister’s is often cooler. Bhavika.

Names I don’t Prefer… (Remember, it’s JUST an idea. Nothing serious. So…Please don’t bomb me!)

George, the farmer. I can try but it’s too close to Georgie Porgie for comfort. And when I heard the rhyme in kinder garden, I pictured a pig. Thankfully, and very decently, that bias has now gone, but George is still too simpleton for me.  Dear George, I am reminding you once again, we can be great friends! Surely you won’t go by a little innocent ramification, would you? *puppy dog eyes!*

Simran. Run, Run, Run! (That’s just how the ‘ran’ of the name will be pronounced, in case you were wondering.) It’s too common. It’s too bland. It’s too… I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I have never met a Simran who I have had fun with. Perhaps.

Akash, the Sky. Call yourself Sky! That’s so much better! But I can’t do well with Akash. It’s too many whispy sounds. Again, too common, again, no great experience.

You know what, that’s actually a very strong reason. Years ago, I felt the name Sarthak was also too common to be liked. And then I made friends with one of my best buds in 3rd standard with the same name, and since then, throughout the seven years, I have liked it. Psychology so spoils my blog post!

Anyway, dear George, Simran and Akash. Muah! No way I’m going to come with this prejudice before meeting you, no chance. So cheer out and don’t prejudge me yourself! Fair?

What are your favourite names? Eccentric habits? Biases? Is your name Matt? Hi Matt! Hellllo Melanie! Cheerio!








3 thoughts on “Why I’d give Melanie a Second Look but not Matt

    Starstone said:
    July 18, 2012 at 1:20 AM

    ahm… My favourite names… I don’t know… I’d always try to go with something like Poseidon, Apollon, Artemis, Pian, old greek names, I adore them… But I’m not sure I’d be alowed to name a human baby that, which is why I’m glad I have horses…

    I met a guy named Feanor once, (That’s the all time coolest elf from the Silmarillion, by the way,) now that name I would kill for 😛 He was so lucky… It means “soul of fire” 😉

      Ruchika responded:
      July 19, 2012 at 4:58 AM

      Feanor is super cool! Maybe too cool for me, but your horses’ names I have always long admired. Any foal coming up? How about Vienna now? 😀

        Starstone said:
        July 19, 2012 at 1:36 PM

        haha no, I have no foals on the way, Marble is my only mare and she is only one year old so it will be at least 4 years before she is ready 😉

        Vienna, its a nice name, but, there are a lot of horses that are called that in Denmark… I don’t think I’d use that 😉

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