Winter Prevails

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Please See- This has become a six-part series. Part 1 and 2 are Winter in June and Winter Continues.  Here’s Part-3.

“Vizas?” asked Auxi nervously. She knew Waratia wouldn’t let him die, but he hadn’t responded to her entering his cell, and surely he must be anxious to see her, when she hadn’t visited him yesterday.

Vizas didn’t stir. Auxi rushed towards him, and grabbed his arm. He didn’t move an inch. She breathed hard onto his wrist, and peered as the green letters re-appeared. Pulse-normal. Heartbeat-normal.

“I had half a mind to let you run crazy to the guards screaming for help. But I can see you are dead stiff.”
Vizas made her jump.

Auxi caught him a tight embrace and held on.

“I couldn’t lose you. I could never lose you.” She muttered softly.

“Really? I thought you had found someone else yesterday… Kick that old bum at the prison… what can he do anyway?” sneered Vizas.

Auxi reeled back. She was clearly hurt. “Vizas! I would never-”

“Of course. You wouldn’t. I would blame the rat but-”

“Vizas! What are you talking about?!”

“What you were THINKING about! I go berserk worrying about you, why you never came, what could have happened, and I hear nothing from no-one! And then suddenly, fifteen minutes ago, I picked your thoughts and have the ball of my ruddy life!”

“Whatever you heard, it’s obviously not true! You’re just creating storms out of things you obviously don’t know!”

“Perfect! He’s in prison! Blame HIM! He would NEVER know! All right, you tell me- what did you mean when you were thinking- I must not tell Vizas. I will have this meeting and no one will know. But I must do this. About time. How long can I wait? He will give me what I want. YOU tell me, what the hell was THAT about?!

“You have been reading my mind and you get these mess-ups and then you go livid over nothing! Would it amuse you if I brought out my entire day’s proceedings written and submitted it to you everyday like a schoolkid?!”

“Hell, it would! Specially if my girl was going out with someone else!”

“Vizas, I’m not with someone else. Will you-”

“It’s Bie isn’t it? That- that- hole takes my job, he takes my girl!”

“Vizas, Bie has nothing to do with this. But if you just want to argue with anyone who cares for you, I should just go away right now!”

“Sure! Get more time with your boy, won’t you! Just like yesterday, right? Why weren’t you here yesterday, then?”

“VIZAS! Bie is dead!”  Auxi screamed at the top of her lungs, and fatigued by the ordeal, slumped down on the bed.

Vizas had shut up at last. Auxi pressed her forehead, and lay still on the bed.

“What?” Vizas asked.

“Heart attack while he was at work.” Auxi whispered.

“Heart attack?! The Tower monitors the heart beats of everyone inside-”

“A med team was on its way they say, but he went away too quick.”

“That’s bullshit! All they needed to do was drop through the floors! And he didn’t even have any condition-”

“They are holding him under inspection.”

“Auxi you know he didn’t have a heart attack! You can’t-”

“I know. But if you’ll let someone else speak for a change, maybe you’ll know all the other things I do.”

Vizas sat down on the chair, and waited, trying to show he was sorry, though he still had doubts.

“Bie was murdered. By the Tower I know. He acme to me day before after I visited you, saying his life was in danger, and he suspected the Tower being involved in something back when the S-Crisis occurred. He had picked up something, but of course, wouldn’t say anything. Just told me to get to everyone I trusted and start digging if anything happened to him. I pressed for more but some people from the Tower came to my house, where we were, and took him away. He told me to keep things from you for a while, because he believed they would come after you on the double if they suspected anything. And even now, I feel dumb telling you this beneath their obvious vigil.”

“What the hell! The S-Crisis? A heat break conspiracy?”

“And since you so want to know and have no respect for anyone’s privacy at all, I was thinking all those dark thoughts about my visit to Lord Janei right now, in the cell next to yours. Help you sleep better?”

Auxi showed her disgust clearly, on her face. She intended to give him a hard time over this. But Vizas was just plain silent.

“What, you done already?”

Vizas looked at her. He saw his mistake. That was obviously no way to treat her. His eyes fell on her cloak, and the thinning material and greying fabric welched his gut.

“What degree is it outside?” He whispered.

“Three.” Auxi replied, just as softy, exhausted herself, and feeling just as bad.

“Three. You sure you don’t want to steal a fruit or something and get in here?” Vizas asked, hopefully.

Auxi looked at him. She got up and went over to him, and slipped next to him and hugged him again.

“I’m sorry Auxi, I really am. It’s just- it’s this place. You weren’t here for one day, and I was all over my head and-”

“It’s okay. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s okay.”

“Thank you.”

“We have got to get to this. About Bie. About the S-Crisis. We can’t let this go now.”

“And I will help, however I can.”

“But that’s going to be tomorrow now, Vizas. The light’s on.”

“Shit man. I wasted all our time on-”

“It’s okay I said. I’ll be here tomorrow. Get some sleep, we are going to talk about many things tomorrow.” Auxi walked towards the door.


Auxi turned and saw Vizas desperate for one last word. She gave him his chance.

“I love you.”

“And I do you. And Vizas, I’ll love you for the next one year and sixty days the same , and then after that too.”

And Auxi walked out.


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    Hello Katherine! Who’s your favourite character?

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