Jerry got me NOT!

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I have been spared one day. Yipee!

Ha! What did you think Jerry, I would get scared of you- you mythical fictional see-through visage of someone’s timid imagination- you messenger of fear- you… Anyway.

Can’t say, maybe Jerry will get me tonight. If he does, he’s losing his control, slow ghost! For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, see yesterday’s post, titled- Share or Die.

Also, since I can’t write much today, I am going to make this my first completely theme-less purely-interactive post.

Okay, I have asked you before, but quickly again, what topics would you like me to write on. Fell free to make them as erratic or as strange or as blasphemous as you want. This is a permanently open notice.

Also, and this one comes with a time frame till tomorrow, are you even remotely interested in a post titled 0=RHS=0? 😀

And lastly, for fellow WordPress peers (yeah, peers. Why not?)-

High-5 if you like the new WordPress look! Also, if Freshly Pressed is now no more on the homepage, is it open just to us, who use WordPress? That would be sad.

So this is it!

Oh and yes! You are soon going to meet my closest friends, and their strangest tales. And believe me when I say this, their reality is much much much more interesting than fiction! 😀 So check this space.


What say you? What thinks you?

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