Captain Nuan

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For a homework assignment recently, I was to write a short scifi story. This is what I wrote. As usual, my teacher will give me no comment. (I have yet to decided if she loves my work too much, hates it too much, or simply doesn’t understand.) But that’s not what I expect from you! Keep the responses coming!

“Captain Nuan is approaching base, sir”, reported a nervous men aboard the Starship Falcon. Just as the words left his mouth, the Control Room sprang into frivolous action, such command had Captain Nuan. Acting Captain BRown broke into perspiration. If the battle wasn’t enough, he now had Captain Nuan on his hands. Perfect! Captain Brown realised powers he had in him that he had never known existed before. “All hands on deck. I want Alpha Team V and Eagle Team I on launch pads. Control and detain! Control and detain!” Once he had given instructions for the battle, he turned to prepare for Nuan. And Nuan demanded strong security. “All prison cells to be double guarded. Take personnel from Life Unit. Admin on freehold, now!” Brown yelled into the mic hoping to hide his anxiousness with authority. He had only just given the orders when a tall, lean figure beamed into the Transport Pod on the ship. Without a word, Captain Nuan marched through the labyrinth of tubes and stepped into the Control Room. Fresh recruits dropped their jaws, as was often the case when men discovered that Captain Nuan was in fact a lady. Brown stepped down from the wheel and Nuan made her first announcement. “All personnel on Starship Falcon, this is your Captain, Verity Nuan. All hands on fighting positions. Let the battle begin.”

Under the command of Captain Nuan, the battle progressed smoothly, as if the Captain had the measure of the opposite army and knew all their moves already. Captain Nuan frowned not once, nor did her voice once rise above a stern command. Orders were passed left, right and centre to specific units and Nuan knew everything about everyone in the Control Room. First Mate Brown obediently carried out his Captain’s orders and the half burned, half crumbling Starship emerged with a new hope of victory. And then a fatal blow to the right wing of the ship complicated matters. Nuan had given the order “Hard to Port” as the missile had been launched, but the breaking ship had been slow. Finally, the time had come for a difficult decision. The ship couldn’t fight for long without a right wing.

“Abort, Captain?” asked Brown quietly. All eyes were on Nuan. She was silent. She stayed quiet for a minute, while the crew awaited her orders.

“Steer to Starboard to 45 degrees. Launch the Revolae. On the double.” Nuan got up. “But Captain, Revolae is a hand triggered missile. Who is to steer her?” Brown was hysterical.

“I am. Now.”

Three minutes later, an awed, and shocked crew looked on as the opposite army blasted away to burning pieces into space and their Captain was one of them.



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