Teachers or Bond?

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Ah! Just as I was writing this, Page View Stats showed that two people from India just viewed my blog. Yayyy! Or it is just one person who clicked on two blog posts? Great viewership, no? 🙂

So happy.

In India, every 5h September, we celebrate Teachers’ Day in memory of one of the greatest teacher India ever had, and the second person to hold the President’s office, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. My school, as well as all the schools of Delhi at least, give our teachers a break (or get one ourselves). The teachers sit for programs or luncheons or something like that in the Auditorium while the seniors, the students of 12th standard, take their place. These students come dressed up (otherwise we have uniforms) and they are assigned classes according to a teacher’s daily schedule. Cool, eh? It used to be.

But my focus changed yesterday, when I read the day before’s newspaper. Yeah, that happens with me.

They are having Global Bond Day on 5th? Starting this year?

WOWWW! A whole day for BOND!


What do I wish people with now? Happy Teacher’s Day or Happy Bond Day? That is ONE SERIOUS problem!

  1. If you have the knowledge, you must share it. So many people don’t know it’s Bond Day. They are missing on so much! I must wish them Happy Bond Day.
  2. When you constantly do things differently, people classify you an iconoclast. If they know the meaning of iconoclast. I should just save my skin and go with the usual Happy Teacher’s Day.
  3. People seem never to have got beyoond that eternal mistake. When you wish someone something, they say “same to you.” That gets weird on birthdays and teachers’ day. Same to me? Why? Happy Bond Day would make that all right.
  4. I can’t possibly explain to every person I meet in school why I am wishing them Happy Bond Day!

Happy Bond Day!


Oh! To mark 50 years of Bond films, the backers of the 007 series are declaring October 5 “Global James Bond Day.” The date is tied to the 1962 release of “Dr. No,” the first film in the long-running franchise. Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will sponsor the day-long series of events.


Swell. Nah, I’ll stick with Teacher’s Day.

But one look at Pierce Brosnan in that eternally epic look of his in

Pierce Brosnan
Shaken not stirred. Of course.

Diamonds Are Forever, convince me that I am just faking it. I am really actually excited about Bond Day. Why, only God knows, given that there is no event here in Delhi.

It’s like being excited on your favourite actor’s birthday. No reason, but I bake nevertheless. 🙂

I mean, come ON! How many heroes have made a hit with the people for so many years that even after 50 YEARS of the franchise rolling, we offer no resistance that the Bond remains the same age?! That is some compliment!

And of course, Brosnan was the best Bond ever.

Of course.

(Scrolling up…)


Well in that case,

Happy Teacher’s Day, Bond!



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