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NOTE- This one’s a bit intense and maybe requires some thinking. And maybe philosophical some would say. So ignore it if you’re dim.

Feeling desolate and alone and absolutely helpless is easy. Specially when you care about things, when you believe in the right and would probably stand up against the wrong.

That also means you have all the more chance of being judged, being trodden upon, being killed, slayed and absolutely slaughtered to bits.

Does that take away your reason to live? To want to be yourself?

Does that mean that you should give up the thoughts that are bringing all this trouble? That would mean, be careful, that if you saw a girl in danger of rape, you would walk on, because now you have given up hope on Right.

Sometimes I think about this stuff, sometimes it makes me sad. But here are some defences I put up to say that good people must never feel the need to die. Today I decided to post it, because hell, if there’s anyone else, even one person, who has though about this, I hope they were half as optimistic, half as willing to put their trust in Hope.

Why a Thinker should never want to die

Thinkers are people who actually put their brains to work when they are told something. They don’t believe whatever they are told. They may at least once have wondered about God. They may believe in things that are not proved, but must have their reasons to, not simply because ‘that’s how everyone does it’.

If they managed that, that’s reason enough for them to live.

No? Not convinced?

Round up a group of people. Ask them one question; “If you had to chose between the world’s best chocolate custom made for you and a rich girl, what would you go for?”

That’s no judgement question. There’s no right and wrong answer.

It’s just any question.

But everyone reveals the kind of person they are with the way they answer.

And THAT is the judgement criteria.

Should they say, “the girl of course” laugh away at their joke but remember how they see a girl before they see a person. Or money. What kind of girl, we didn’t say. But did they ask? They chose her because she was a girl, or for the money. And that’s you cue right there.

Should they say “the chocolate!!!” laugh away again. But they didn’t ask abut the girl either. They didn’t really understand the situation, so how could they chose.

Now the real answer for this question was “Get the girl and get her to get the choc.” That’s the smart answer, but that’s also the mean answer.

But anybody who thinks, anybody who gives a shit about the world, or about things being right, will give you an answer that’s worth it.

Their answer may not be perfect. Might not make you laugh. Might not make them seem cool. But they’ll mean it.

And sure as hell, when people start meaning what they do, maybe there wouldn’t a bully in high school, maybe there wouldn’t be a rapist on a dark corner, maybe there wouldn’t be a sadist waiting to live on sorrow….

Maybe Thinkers will one day, make the world mean something.

And that is why they must live.

Please feel free to hate me. Please feel free to criticize me, label me (Idealist, wouldn’t it be?), make me seem like I’m different because that’s how I think. But sure as anything, you can not kill me.

I still have hope.

You haven’t broken me yet, and you never will. Unless I chose to.

That’s all your powers extend to. My CHOICE.

So, good day.


2 thoughts on “Live

    thirdoracle said:
    September 19, 2012 at 2:56 AM

    i like this one… toure evolving Lexxie… and i like it

      Ruchika responded:
      September 19, 2012 at 2:58 AM

      I was a bit nervous today what reaction this post would get, since I wrote it during an extreme burst yesterday. I still mean what I said, and the response is SO GOOD. You liked it too! That MEANS something, now doesnt it?
      Thanks J!

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