On Net Connections

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Since they basically govern our lives sometimes, I just thought I’d do one on them. They have a mood of their own, don’t they? Sometimes they will be your super best friends and comply even to your most reckless and impatient wants! Sometimes they bring up some old grudge and process everything soooooooo slllloooooowwwwwww.


There are times when the net connection can get you a new friend! Hi there, Jal! There are times when it can create problems in new relationships, that don’t yet know how you are groaning at your connection’s incompetence! Hey wait, Jal!

So how do I pamper my net-man? How do I fall into his good graces, so he would spare my life?

Pamper! So I sit and talk to my net connection sometimes, risking a very comical scene for my family.

Me: So…. you again huh?

Net: Yeah. What did you think?

Me: Nothing. I guess it was expected… how long were you gong to be a good boy anyway.

Net: Is that right? Then maybe I should block this Geo Question Bank that’s loading…

Me: NOOOO! Oh all right! You’re great, you’re a really sweet thing, you are the best!

Net: That’s better.

Nope. Doesn’t really work.

So… Vengeance!

Me: Oh you ******! How could you! After all I’ve done for you!

Net: Wuahahaha! I rule!

Me: Over my dead body! Here, take that! *Madly punches the Modem*

Net: Waiiiiittt….. Zipppppssejjjehjdwbjhebfjhskjhd…..

Me: Ha! You box of wires!

Net: —–

Me: Wait! Come back! FIXXX THISSSS!

So… preferably not. Begging? Ignorance? Act like I don’t care?

Why does this non living thing get the better of me? Of us?

Does it know we depend on it? Exploits it’s advantage doesn’t it?

Well anyway, I’ll wrangle away with mine, and try to actually publish this post now, and see if my net connection succumbs!

It should! I just wrote a post about it!

So maybe it’s not completely complimentary…

But it’s a dedication. Yes.

Right, lovely genius, lord of lords, Net Sir?





2 thoughts on “On Net Connections

    thirdoracle said:
    September 28, 2012 at 5:10 AM

    Honestly I’ve never found anyone funnier:)

      Ruchika responded:
      September 28, 2012 at 7:00 AM

      😀 I love compliments from you! I just wish I can work to get them to another adjective now… something more like real literary work! But for that i will have to WRITE real literary work! 😀 Thanks Peter! 😀

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