Sherlock Holmes

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It does sound very cass when a kid says he likes Sherlock Holmes. Almost invariably, you pull a judging face a go, “So naive”. Then we think how kiddish he is, and how can he possibly understand real substance, he’s just a kid! I mean, even I would have cocked an eyebrow a few months back.

But.. a few months back…

So I’m still technically a kid and I’m saying this… I like Sherlock Holmes.

All right, that was tough! That was way out of pride! I spent a YEAR calling him fake and now… sigh. I was wrong.

After much wrangling, and reading an entire tome of his cases, and growing grudging respect, I have to say, I wish that man was real and cloned all over the world. So long Holmes!

He’s not an egotist, yet he’s proud. He’s not a machine, yet he acts like one. He’s definitely not idiotic, but sometimes he says things that are so so childlike that you don’t think it’s foolish or childish, but childlike. And he will definitely win you over with that, Too.

I once wrote an extension to one of his stories two years back. I can see how wrong I was. It would take more than just this to destroy the genius that is Holmes. But I don’t call him a genius for his detective skills, I do so for his demeanor. All his analysis is based on what others don’t see. All his character, however, is based on the best of what anybody can be. He’s not a social character, he’s a societal character.

I juts hope to write and one day truly symbolize the legend that is, Sherlock Holmes. Amen 🙂 Until then, here’s the erroneous script, and anybody who has read Silver Blaze MUST give me a feedback!

It was so that a few days later, when I came to Holmes’ place, I found him pacing up and down his garden with a frown on his face. This behaviour put me in a fix for Holmes never did any thinking here. Nevertheless, I approached the tall, lean figure before me.

“I see that something unsettles you,” I remarked, catching up with him.

“Ah! Watson, had you not come here now, I would have set off to visit you myself. You see, there is a matter which highly disturbs me.”

“Is it another case? You sure made the headlines with the last one- Silver Blaze.”

“Oh Watson, it is as if enough headlines weren’t made. The case remains unsolved. I have been wrong.”

When I heard this, my jaw almost dropped open, for Holmes has never been wrong before and was known specifically for his evergreen correctness, but, gentlemanly conduct, thankfully, got the best of me and I suppressed my astonishment.

“There is a new development regarding the case. One that took even Inspector Gregory for a turn”, he said and sank in thought, once again.

“Oh, do go on! What have the police found?”

“Watson, it is not safe for me to tell you any more out here. But if you would like to accompany me inside for tea, I would willingly tell you about this matter of great anxiety.”

Ten minutes later, when his housemaid had laid tea for us, he began, his face very grave.

“Watson, today, in the morning, I received a telegram from Inspector Gregory, saying…”

He gulped slightly and continued, uncomfortably.

“Colonel Ross’ corpse was found last night, down at Tavistock…”

“Oh Lord! That’s very tragic! But, I must confess, I do not see the connection with the case as yet.”

“Yes, yes. I am coming to that. The reason Gregory, and I, believe that this dead body is a development in the case is…….the Colonel was found exactly how old John Straker had died……in the depression, head shattered , with a deep cut on the thigh and his overcoat on a bush nearby. What’s more, Gregory even found a matchstick in the mud!”

“Oh Jesus!”

“There’s more. The biggest horror is yet to come.

Tied around the dead Colonel’s wrist was found a cravat……of red and black silk…..”

I stared in absolute horror at Holmes who was, clearly, more disturbed than ever.

“The cravat was holding a piece of paper to the man’s wrist….”

“The ten pound note!”

I gasped.

“No Watson. The note is one of the few clues that have not resurfaced as yet.

The paper was a message…..directed at me.”

I leapt out of my chair in bewilderment.

Gentlemanly conduct was far from being my concern right now.

“The murder…’s for you!”


“What did the message say?”

Holmes’ face dropped completely, and the faintest signs of positivity on his face now fled. He seemed so weak that I led him to the chair and sat him down.

He took out a small piece of paper from his coat pocket and handed it to me.

It said-

‘You fell for it once, Holmes. You’ll fall for it again……’




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