10 Things About Writing Posts

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Well, everything does seem to have a Top 10 or Count Down 10, so why not? And there’s a billion things that go on in the mind of a blogger before publishing, and sometimes these are so funny, that maybe now would be the time to tell what goes on in mine. Something like, Behind The Scenes, only it’s Behind The Mundane Screen That Is The Forehead And Inside The Brain. Yeah.


(I do prefer word-numbering than bullets because bullets really leave no space for fun with formatting.)

Okay. Is the title okay? So I am writing about a fictional prince fleeing his fictional palace and needing fictional water. Should I add fiction to the title. Well, I never did, so why now? Bang. Decision One.


Title’s done. So… what was I supposed to write? Oh yeah about that fictional bum fleeing his fictional home and needing a fictional drink. Can I make it fiction? Right. So declare that this is fiction. Bangy-bang-bang. Decision twoooo!


Must I write today? Because I am so tired! What do you expect a poor girl to do now, stretch to the last breath and type a whole long blog post. Here it’s on paper. Someone just type it. Right. Stealthily find someone who will type in exchange for little sacrifices like bribery. Light Bang. Decision, decision!


Okay. Denial never did anybody good. She’s got a point. I don’t have anything left to barter out and get my work done. I have already given her my tatoos, little totems, things I stole from her… nah, she’s not gonna do it today. Okay paper, come here and let’s see what you got for me. Oh and Bang. Grudging decision.


Type. Sindbad the prince… Of course he’s a prince! What kind of name is Sindbad but a prince’s?! Wait. Do not think. Do not create the possibility of thinking out something actually quite brilliant, I can’t have people expecting greatness from me on a regular basis. Stick to the script. Bang. GOOD decision.



Sindbad the prince…

Sindbad had none of those luxuries…

Sindbad reached for a water bottle…

This guy is way too much of an egoist. But what can we say, he’s my character.
So… don’t criticize my own work. Better still, do not think of my own work. I don’t feel like a bang, so just know it’s Decision six.


Oh do finish typing!!! Aren’t there better things in life? Butterflies and poppy fields, rainbows and white ponies… Nah. Typing rules. Only why does it take so LONNNGGGGG? I so got to get that dictator thing that you can out in your ear and dictate to your computer. I so need a smart computer to succumb to that dictating. I so need to finish typing!

Yeah… some bang! Decision, future plans!

P.S. Two minutes in the future is future right? So maybe I should go and find that dictator after all…


Sigh. Finished typing. So the fictional dud is finally fleeing his fictional hub and finally needs some fictional water. Man, must I reread? My viewers must already be used to those horrid errors! But damn this ingrain habit of full spellings and British scheme.

Bang. Decision eight.


Yawn. Why do I love blogging and hate blog-writing? Nah, it’s just the typing. Okay, fun part! Tag and categorize. So what was this all about? Don’t tell me!!! I got to read it again.

Yeah.. so it’s tagged….. prince? fiction? and and sand? I love sand. But do I tag it? Let’s see if it come up in auto-tagging.

BANG! I’m back with good decisions!


Best Number Ever.

Last Number. 🙂

Click it. No you do it Smeagol. No you do it Gollum.

No you do it Ruchika. No you do it… excuse me, what do you think you’re waiting for, my secret nickname? Please.

So… click it?


Yeah, yeah, yeah! We published!!!

Now… who’d gonna be the first to Like?





No Likes?

Well, you better when I return, I typed it all, didn’t I?


5 thoughts on “10 Things About Writing Posts

    yourothermotherhere said:
    October 1, 2012 at 8:42 AM

    I laughed throughout the whole thing because I recognize myself in there! Thanks!

      Ruchika responded:
      October 1, 2012 at 10:43 PM

      I know! Sometimes, some rare times, the blogpost just flowsss…. but as I said, RARE times. 😀 Good to hear from you! 😀

        yourothermotherhere said:
        October 2, 2012 at 7:51 AM

        Just reading your reply right now puts a smile on my face as I think about your post. So funny! So true!

    thirdoracle said:
    October 1, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    So u got likes after all;)

      Ruchika responded:
      October 1, 2012 at 10:43 PM

      Who would have thought, huh? 😀

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