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If there’s anything magical or mystical in this world, I’d say it’s water.

– Once Upon A Time, Star World, Yesterday

You know how water flows from one continent to another. You know how it carries all sorts of things, disease even, from one nook to another crevice. But is that all you know? Maybe you’re missing out on THE feeling of the millennium.

Have you ever seen Copper Sulphate? Or have you ever seen raw Copper? You should really rush to a chem lab as soon as you can and try this out, buddy.

Notice the red. This is copper.

Take copper in thin pieces, like waste shavings and heat it till you get a black mass. This is copper removed from all impurities. Put water into it and see the colour change. Just see it. It turns shining blue.

Copper Crystals Hydrated
Water to a black mass. Plain water to worthless black mass.

How did we get from THAT (red) to THAT (blue)? I have reason to believe that water is pristine. Water is in fact the elixir of life, not air. Water is perhaps The magical thing, or the closest thing we have to magic, in a world where we are constantly at war with that word of unexplained stands.

We know water is fundamental to humans, can’t exist without it, but people say air is finally, necessary for survival. I disagree. We need not just air, but the entire multi-layered atmosphere to live. And that atmosphere would have been nowhere without the water droplets and vapors it’s filled with.

Think about the tiniest drop of dew on the dirtiest leaf, or sunlit rivers through the most vulgar of rocks, the clouds for all they are worth! That MYSTICAL white foam that is sometimes below, and sometimes above (hill stations or planes, dude) but never EVER in between?! That’s just lots of water droplets reflecting sunlight!  I don’t know about you, but to capture water in pictures in such forms, in such paradoxical scenes would be a million dollar moment for me. That’s suddenly when you see how beauty is sweeping over everything, colors and ruins alike, like magic dust.

I’m gonna skip ahead of the science now, and maybe you’ll like this part better. It’s much more hopeful and it’s much more… what shall I say… enchanting!

I’ve heard complaints of dirty water in taps, of toxic rivers and growing demand for water filters… but flip the coin, everyone’s totally missing out on the cool part! When water can carry such waste and such garbage, and so many diseases, just imagine the kind of GOOD it must be carrying too! The good that’s lighter and easier to float, like hope and love and good cheer! Haven’t you seen tunes jump heads? You’re singing it, then next day your best friends has picked it up? Haven’t you seen diseases traveling through shared food and water? But haven’t you also seen the sheer good humor in the air, in the time when everyone’s happy? Like that, water really carries everything from one place, it’s smell, it’s memories, it’s feel, it’s charm to another!

Water literally doesn’t stop for anyone. Like Time,  it doesn’t even pay heed to Air. It swiftly rides over the ground, under the ground, on the air, from geysers, through lagoons and rivers and even the seas and oceans that represent endless expanses in literature, it rides over continents, it can cross iron and marble, it just doesn’t stop! Imagine, I might be drinking water that came from a treatment plant that got it from rain from clouds from over Africa! Take that, you aspiring authors, build your conspiracies here!

Really, if anything is mystical, it’s got to be water. Jal, in Hindi. And that word, it’s sound, means everything.

I’m not going to lecture you, preach you, that our pure water is getting defiled by pollution and please save this link to the world of fantasy. I would believe that truly, that we were really losing water when.. when Superman dropped a packet of crisps in a river himself! Or when I got marsh in my tap! Sure things are going wrong, water is becoming harder, but there are people breaking their pens or their necks over it!  Water is not lost. The sparkling magic wins.



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