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Things that become a way of life don’t leave quickly. When getting up early in the morning was routine, it was hard to imagine how my seniors could say they could sleep through the day, easy. Of course I was just a kid then 🙂 Pretty soon other things, other more important things, started emerging as a way of life. Worshiping god is a way of life. Hating blacks is a way of life. Beating up gay people is a way of life. And boy, like all things that become a way of life, aren’t they just so hard to leave, to let go completely? Result, we find ourselves in a volatile world, split in two, and sometimes even three, fighting over what’s “right”. And sometimes, in the midst of all that ruckuss, someone comes along and says something totally “BANG ON” and people on both sides fall silent, listen… and get back to it again. Here’s to Veronica, who has never said a wasted word, who has never stopped to shut me up, who has been the Voice of Reason in all ways rational and irrational.

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

I joined a Silmarillion fan page on face book some time ago. I actually liked the page then, but I’m not so sure anymore. I met some people there I find it very hard to accept, and that might be because I have a very low tolerance towards intolerant people… My bad then… I just figured that a page, for a geeky fantasy book like the Silmarillion, would be the home of more… open minded people… Not sure why…

But, someone updated the pages status, saying that they hated it when people called Frodo and Sam gay. Uhu. I can’t help myself. That kind of statements works as a direct provocation on me. I found myself having to ask why it mattered?

I mean, so what, if they were gay? (I’m not saying they were, all the characters in the Tolkien universe are very non-sexual.) But what would it matter…

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4 thoughts on “So What?

    Puneet said:
    October 12, 2012 at 7:06 AM

    Exactly! So what?

    My comment may sound bit religious, because I will be taking the Spiritual angle on it, so what?

    But before that.. as you know.. I am in South Africa, ‘racism’ / ‘racist’ is now used as a joke.. to make any argument light.. e.g. some visitors at the Museum I operate.. after seeing the Koi fishes, ” wow orange fishes are sooo pretty”.. and I reply.. what about the multi-color and the dark-brown. .. are you racist?” and.. every one laughs..reason.. one of the political figure has used ‘racism’ in every almost every argument.. and here stand up comedians are living off it, now a days.

    Human beings, as they say, are spiritual beings, having human experiences, and not other way around.. proof? remember what you had for breakfast? – the picture of that food is the ‘mind’, everything that ever happened to you.. every sound.. every smell etc.. now…you can see these pictures.. while your eyes are closed.. remember.. trying to remember an answer in an exam.. with eyes closed? Now, if you can see these pictures.. with your eyes closed.. ‘who’ or ‘what’ is looking at the picture? it is ‘you’, you.. not your body.. not your mind.. you as a spirit, the identity that does not have mass, wavelength, weight.. or color.. black or white.. therefore, what color skin you are wearing this life time.. does not matter.. at least to me. I look white, if standing next to black and.. look black if standing next to white.. so what? and Spirit never dies…so, what ‘death’?
    ‘niggar’ – same story.. stand up comedians use it. . – no laughing matter, they need to eat too – 😉

    I was in my 10th class when my black hair start getting grey.. yeap.. that is how we used to prove that we are wise! and I always claim.. it does not matter if the computer monitor is color or black&white.. what matter matters is that is underneath it.. at that time.. ‘brain’ was the thing…now…moving up.. spirit… is that thing!

    Do you feel lifted?.. another one – it is not the color of the balloon that determines whether it goes up or not.. right, nigga*?

    *nigga – Slang term for homie, friend, buddy, etc., used primarily by African-Americans but has spread to other races as well;
    “‘Sup my nigga?” “How’s it hanging my nigga?” “Yo, nigga wassup?”

      Ruchika responded:
      October 13, 2012 at 6:44 AM

      I like that joke on racist! You know there’s an ad here that and it says a line, No Discrimination, about it’s services. So the ads in graffiti, and for this line some orange fish swim across the screen and when a green one follows, a hand obstructs its path. Reminded me of that. 🙂 And that’s one ad that makes a product (an online service) for which I wud have originally said So What seem Cooooollll 🙂 Just saying.

    Starstone said:
    October 12, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    Ah, you are making me blush now… thank you 🙂

      Ruchika responded:
      October 13, 2012 at 6:46 AM

      No way. I just said the truth. 😀

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