Volleyball Days

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I have been away for some time, and the site stats show the result. But I’m back, with justification for the absence. I don’t think you’ll mind it now, you know, because I won a tournament while I was away? 😀

I play volleyball for my school team. Feels good. But what feels better is competing and winning, of course. 🙂

A few days ago, the All India Bal Bharati tournament was organised. Bal Bharati is the name of my school. It has about a dozen branches all over India and they all come together for this tournament to compete for various sports.

Last year, my team won the first prize. This year, our hopes got shattered in the final match when we suffered a humiliating loss in the finals. But the time of pain and horror has passed, thankfully, and we’re all trying to be okay with second place. 🙂

Take a look at the pictures, after a tiring day, under the heat, having battled desperation and loss, having calmed ourselves, having calculated our losses and placating ourselves they weren’t too big!

(Except me though, I still can’t completely let go that this was my last year at this tournament and I missed a Best Player trophy by a millimeter. Eish. Writing does vent!)

P.S. The pictures are a bit hazy… that’s some parts sweat, some parts sun glare, some parts dust and otherwise just bad cameras. 🙂

First a look at the team trophy!
The team in front of a thermocol cut-out for volleyball. And WE didn’t break the girl’s arm off, in the cut-out 🙂
All trophies!
And lastly, less than a shoddy quarter of my school’s athletes and all the team trophies we have won!

I tried clicking a good picture of my personal trophy, but it’s part transparent and part black so the picture’s weird 🙂

From my own class, six students went for this tournament. Oh, we made a point to get a picture of us to shove into our teacher’s face the next time she complained we were missing classes for “ruddy sports”.

Yeah, like SHE is making MY school reigning over-all champion for the last six years. (This was the sixth Inter Bal Bharati 🙂 )





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