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This year in art, our teacher is focusing on Watercolor. I guess he had had enough of the same drawings every year… all the festivals, Independence Day, Republic Day and landscapes. Thank God. So he switched to watercolor, and like good shiny-faced schoolchildren, we went to Art class with our new paintboxes, our synthetic fibre brushes, rough cloth and water troughs. Only to be disappointed. For three entire classes we went and sat and watched but didn’t get to make our own mess with the paints. So much for being creative.

I gave up. I opened the paints one day at home and picked up my brush, thinking of artistic things, pretending I was some hotshot artist, and moving my wrist like it would bring some excellent strokes. Got nothing of course.

I tried keeping the teacher’s demoin mind, and I swear I did just what he did… a bit of blue smudge on teh paper, a green one on top and he had a pretty little tree branch. Funnily enough, and I was just doing what we were taught!, when I tried that I only got one thing- smudges on the paper. 😛

Where’s the justice?

But okay, I get it. I’m just starting so I could work on it… maybe then my smudges would look more like tree branches… so I did that. And I came up with a pretty decent one.  I still couldn’t get the tree right so I went with a classic, a Prairie scene though I have never seen one, but seem to write and draw perfectly about it. But some parts of the painting were just perfect, you know, to show how the colors should spread into each other, and some parts sadly were still showing boundaries which is horrible.

Here it is. See and judge. 🙂 Yeah, I will still Approve your comment if it totally pans my poor try 🙂

My try

But it doesn’t end here. How could it? When we’re talking about me, something dramatic just has to happen!

Like a good girl, I log on to Facebook after a day of great practicing at painting and watercolor… and BAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM. Out stares at me, right on the top of the page mind, a SPLENDID watercolor. By, guess whom? An aunt, though it sounds weird to call her aunt, she’s much more of a friend.

And would you believe it, it’s just a few of her tries, and it’s THATTT awesome.


People born with talents are super unfair! Yeah!

But take a look… at her ‘try’.

Her Try
Oh groan! Wwwwwhere is the justice?

Oh good job and everything!


2 thoughts on “Wat-er-colour

    jav3d said:
    October 24, 2012 at 7:38 AM

    The first rule of art is, there are no rules, so there is no right or wrong!
    Whichever way you paint is right.

    And your painting came out to be very interesting actually.
    You must paint more often : )

      Ruchika responded:
      October 27, 2012 at 1:33 AM

      Thanks! I do paint often but not with watercolors. 🙂

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