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Homo sapiens. They are like snowflakes.

Bound under a specie-name but no two specimens are alike.

Sometimes I think there shouldn’t be a word as People at all, because we are all just different Persons, and collectively we should be called Persons, not People… People is way too herd-like.

But for the sake of a beautiful language, and it’s a cute word too, I do okay with People. Though of late, I have been marveling on the range…

For example,

I know people who plan their entire life down to a datesheet. Complete school int two years. Pass the GRE at 18. Take admission in IIT next year. Graduate with grace in a few years. Marry and go to Paris. Funny how these are their dreams but when they come true, they only feel ‘completing’ something, not ‘achieving’ something.

Alternatively, I know people whose schedule every SINGLE day is to have a bath, pray and heat food for the family in the afternoon, and kill the rest of the day.

I know people who don’t find it even a bit odd to walk back home from a sleepover in their pajamas and a jacket, bagpack on their back and toothbrush in hand. Okay, that’s me but I am a person too so it counts.

I know people who do a chicken-dance on the road in a desperate attempt to match my footstep, and that’s my sister.

I know people who can be eighty years old but be your friend, and I know people who can be in your toddler sister’s class but preach more than both your moms put together.

I know people who can be halfway across the globe but feel near when in a crisis and I know people who can sit next to you in a hospital and their face reads ‘I’m so outta here!’

Lastly, I know people who’d never smile, under the impression that that makes them look ‘grown up’ and ‘a serious man’. Yet I know people who will smile at the previous as if to say ‘I love you nonetheless’.

A person’s only as good as the circumstances he’s in. A person’s only as bad as the point beyond which they can’t take it anymore. So what does make people so fundamentally different?

God knows. 🙂

But I’m glad for all the people I know. Because without them, the world would be one miracle less.




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