Miranda and Chaos

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She rubbed her eyes hard, trying desperately to clear her foggy vision. She had a lot to do, and she really had to start, early in the morning though it were. She rummaged through the piles of loose sheets and notebooks on her desk, searching for the To Do list she had complied finally, last night. She frowned as she looked under each layer of leather bound paper… all those assignments she had to check before the hour was up, or she would definitely lose her job that day.

Miranda gave up at last. She had wasted nine minutes worrying over a list that would then tell her what she should really worry about. Grunting and groaning, Miranda took one of the leather bound notebooks, picked a pen that had rolled on the floor, and began ticking off at senseless jumble of a twelve year old’s Day At The Zoo. She rarely did that, check blindly… but today was not one of those days she felt a passion for her work, and needed desperately to follow the common way of working rather than the right. For a moment, she was afraid, since the principal had been taking sudden checks on the teachers… and she had had a run too many with the man already… but she decided to continue this way today, and she would see to the other dangers later.

Twenty minutes passed and she had gone halfway through the mess. There was now a smaller pile of books on her desk, and a taller and cleaner pile beside her feet, of notebooks she had “checked”. Miranda was feeling better, now that the coffee was whizzing in the kitchen and she might not be late after all.

Miranda put check marks across another thirteen notebooks and pushed them all into a bag which she would later take to her car. She stuffed her phone, the  iPod and some money into a handbag, wore matching shoes and decided her makeup. Then, not bothering to take off her shoes, she slipped on a pair of jeans and fumbled with the buttons. Se clipped her nail and cursed loudly. She cut them all off, and put on eye-shadow and poured the whizzed coffee. But she came cursing back, for she had forgotten to brush her teeth, she wet her face and did her makeup again.

After all the rush and all the confusion, and the coffee now pumping through her body an energy she desperately needed, Miranda got ready for the slow drive to the school where she taught Literature to twelve year olds, and buckled in.

She had to stop this routine. Every day she would rush in the morning and forget something at home, then grunt about it all the way to the school, with ample time too as the office traffic moved like a snail.

So what had she forgotten today, Miranda wondered. Besides a bath that is. It was strange, she couldn’t place it.

But that didn’t mean it would be a happy ride to the school… now she would grumble about what she couldn’t remember forgetting!

Miranda hoped against all hopes that whatever it was, it had nothing to do with the principal. Forty-eight, bald and tiny; was often how she would describe him. There was no scope for philandering here, and the fact that he was her boss made him all the more ugly. No, she didn’t want to mess with him today.

Only yesterday he had caught her talking “sweetly” with a student. And she had batted her fake eyelashes in vain, he had just not melted. Instead he had called her to his office and she had almost left with a cardboard box but she wrangled a last chance out of him. She knew he only agreed because many Literature teachers were on an off, and all who were left were already doing double classes. He didn’t owe her anything. He would kick her out with the next flawed task and she knew it.

So what was it? What was the thing she had forgotten? As it was a red light, Miranda picked up her handbag and checked. Nope. Everything seemed okay. The lights changed and Miranda drove off to her impending doom…

The class settled down. Miranda was still distracted so she didn’t notice they sat empty handed.

“Yeah, so what did I say we would do today?” she asked frowning.

“You said we would get our assignments today so you would tell us where we were all going wrong…”

Miranda cursed, the third time in the day. The notebooks. The bag she had readied in the morning.. and she had left it back. Perfect.

Her phone rang and she welcomed the break. As she pulled the phone out, a piece of paper fell, and she fixed her gaze on it, to pick it after the call…

It was the Principal. But calling her on her cell?

“Ms. Weiss? Are you in school yet?”

“Yes sir, teaching right now…”

“Oh okay. I’m not coming in today… so just checking… Okay, thanks Ms. Weiss.”

Bastard. Checking huh?

Miranda picked the paper, folded it open and found her To Do List.

Check assignments, Tidy table and Remember To Eat.

Yeah… Miranda needed to eat.

But right now she was stuck with a hateful boss, some teenage kids and lots of sleepiness. Miranda wanted a break, in the middle of March. But she could only see more days like that in her future…


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