All my love

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Hailstorms and snowdays they come and go

Even the sun succumbs to the dark everyday

There is sure to be bad news and pain every now and then

It’s part and parcel of life it’s a give and take

There will always be rough troughs between the roses

There will always be necessary intrusions if we care for people

But none of that matters

None of that defines

My love for you and our time

What matters is how you hold my hand through the thick

And if I’m there for you in the dread

What matters is we run and we do what must be done

But we always find home it’s always easy to return

I wont let a trivial parting get to my heart

It’s too petty to even affect my love

I meant it when I said I love you forever

And forever goes beyond…much beyond small troubles 🙂

I have given you my love… all my love

All my love for you



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