Value Is Based In These Questions

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Tenth standard in India once had a uniform system of examination. The government board, CBSE, would hold the annuals together for all schools in a city, for all students of tenth grade.

The system started changing. The annual exam became in house. The schools now receive many sets of question papers and choose one and that is tested. Then the papers are checked in the school but the final result is compiled by the board. Basically, the board sends some questions, and then copies out the result on official looking paper.

That’s where I am these days. Awaiting my annuals.

And enter the new twist. The exams now have some new fad called Value Based Questions.

So.. what’s this, board?

Answer: We thought your life was going too much by your terms.

Of course you did. Now, in the exam paper of every subject, EVERY (you’ll know what that means jussst now..) there are a few questions, three or four, that try to “sensitize students”, “invoke empathy for the society” and “instil moral values” in them. The board realised long back that they could make us do anything if they put it up for marks. They know how to buy.

Here go the examples now.. one for each subject whose paper I’ll be taking. Let’s take the ‘less crazy’ to ‘absolute bewilderment’ order…

Least Crazy Subject for VBQ: In the Social Studies (These include History, Political Science, Geography and Economics all together)

The Vietnamese war sprung from discomfort among the Vietnamese people under the colonisers, in all spheres of life. (1) What spheres were these? (2) What  virtues and qualities did the Vietnamese show?

Notice how the first part of the question relates to he chapter but the second is moral buttering on the examiner, “patriotism, love for the country, and social responsibility”. 😛

Number Two: In English Literature

“Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.”

(1) Why was the albatross hung around the mariner’s neck? (2) What quality does this show of the mariner?

Technically the second question, which is the VBQ, it would have been normal if we could give a study of the mariner’s emotions, but the answers, according to the answer key are “Guilt, Dire repentence.” No views. Definite fixed answer required.

Now We Are Talking: In the Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)

‘Sania and Shreya’ are best friends and study in grade 4, recently, Sania has been
facing difficulty in reading the black-board text from the last desk. Shreya is little
uncomfortable and wonders why sania avoids sitting on the last desk. On observation
she found that sania often carries junk food in her lunch. Shreya has started sharing
her lunch – full of green vegetables and fruits with her. Sania is now better and has
also started taking a ‘balanced diet’.
(i) Name the eye defect Sania is suffering from?
(ii) What value is shown by Shreya and Sania?

Answer for Ques Two- ACCORDING TO ANSWER KEY, SO WE HAVE TO WRITE THIS ONLY!- Love for her friend.

Let’s just move on.

Now, Now: Mathematics!!!

Ramesh, a juice seller has set up his juice shop. He has three types of glasses of inner
diameter 5 cm to serve the customers. The height of the glasses is 10 cm.(use π =3.14)
– A glass with a plane bottom.
Type A
– A glass with hemispherical raised bottom. So that the bottom is curved in, and less juice will fill.
Type B
– A glass with conical raised bottom of height 1.5 cm. So that the least amount of juice is filled in.
Type C
He decided to serve the customer in “A” type of glasses.
1. Find the volume of glass of type A.
2. Which mathematical concept is used in above problem?
3. By choosing a glass of type A, which value is depicted by juice seller Ramesh?

Answer to Ques 3- HONESTY! I would say, Lack of creativity dude! You had all those shapes and you used the normals??? Cmon!


There is no scope for imagination in the board.


But all this isn’t very new. Recently, we were given a booklet, with 700 questions about who’s this and who’s that in the life of a historical/religious saint of India. Apparently the board is a huge fan. Great!

But we don’t get any free books… so what’s this? Lo and jolly behold! It’s a TEST 😛

That called a long period of whining, collectively from students and baffled teachers, but only some joined me in organised whining, like asking “Where is the secularism?!”

(That leader is kinda religious, and well, you know them all… even if they aren’t religious they’re all constantly talking about God. I mean, half of their policies that they lead social reform/political stance/ any thing what so ever on is based on God! Most people believe, I get it, but just because I don’t, I shouldn’t be made to feel like an outcast, an alien! The Constitution of the country says I shouldn’t!)

The board and I have hardly ever agreed on what’s a GOOD addition to the curriculum and what’s harm under a layer of sweet-talking…

But they are the ones who are heard, of course. No one even knows I’m speaking.. unless they know where to find this blog.

Anyway, I’m not joining the education board, not now not ever, so my opinions and cares go as far as my grades 🙂 Selfish much. Saves my life much.

Anyway, let me go now and baffle my in-sensitized self over the immense value in these Value Based Questions and you carry on with sane life!

See ya! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Value Is Based In These Questions

    Starstone said:
    February 15, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    I’ll carry on with insane life, thank you very much, and count myself lucky that I didn’t get a word of this post 😛 LOL

      Ruchika responded:
      February 17, 2013 at 5:28 AM

      Lucky for you 🙂 For me, this is education 🙂

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