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A Note (originally supposed to go on Facebook but it got too long)… What real people are like…

I’m not gonna be preaching what real people do or not do, or what they are like or definitely are not like. We have enough of that on Facebook. I’m writing today about some very weird things, very seemingly meaningless things that some very real people in my life do and I love to remember them by that.

None of you has to be interested to know. I think I’ve made it pretty clear how my wall is basically for me 🙂 And besides, I’ve begun to cherish the times i feel like writing… about anything!!!! And when i have a nice and speedy laptop to do it! 😉

I’m keeping these people anonymous, just talking about and appreciating the things they have done, don’t really have the patience to ask everybody if they’re cool wih their names mentioned across their silly quirks 🙂

A guy. Was the hype in school when he came, is the hype in school even now that he’s gone. Had a purpose, unlike others of his league, and carried it out well. Had a smile, and wore it, most of the time. 🙂 Had a wonderful accent, and an even better handwriting and used them both to give his majestic words such power that I, literally, SHOOK when he let the ideas flow. A telling clue- I filled notebooks collecting those ideas 🙂 He’s pretty far now, but yes, talk to him and not a day has passed. Aren’t such people just wonderful? You never really part them.

A girl. This one is gonna be short cause it’s her past i remember her by, she’s drifted now, sadly. She doesn’t remember but we used to tie bedsheets to the handles of cupboards and called it our ‘tent’. She doesn’t remember but there was a time when I would take my Barbies in a basket to her place and we’d sleep, just sleep. She was the summer vacation for me 🙂

A woman. And a man. Married. Whenever I meet them, I HURT. I am hurting now. I really really hurt. Really, the pain in my cheeks is UNBEARABLE… from hours of smiling 🙂 I don’t know what happens to me when I’m with them. I don’t really share my views.. I find I’m just nodding away, constantly, to theirs. And giggling. Our traditional meeting would go like this- they would come home and I’d already be inside. They would set their lunch and I’d pick at the salad. They’d show me the new books they got and I’d toss it and turn it and decide if I wanna read it or just listen to him tell me how awesome it is 🙂 That’s what we do. And then I use their laptop, hehe. They are perhaps the oldest people I call friends, in terms of age. But they are the heartiest too. Apparent from how all three of us smile…

 A boy. He’s of age to call a guy but nothing he does merits that much maturity. He’s supposed to have been around for as long as I have, but somehow, I seem only to have ‘discovered’ him last year. And discovered him how! I know exactly what he would like and what he knows and what he will joke about! And that’s why we often get bored in each other’s company 😀 This boy is fearless. He has passion, but cool-ly keeps it dormant, which scares me so much. He has wisdom, and he lets it slip in his acts and words so subtly that one regrets not taking him seriously at first. He’s SILENT. Reminds me of the phrase ‘a silent kill’. He ‘plays’ tennis and he is BAD at it, yet he’s my tutor.. 😛

A lady. She’s got grace. She’s got poise. She’s got thoughts, and the perfect lines to run them on. She has calm. She has wit. She is a lady. Got this much? Now some turns… She wears funky clothes. She plays the guitar. She listens to what is technically ‘alternative’ but I call that music genre ‘love metal’. 🙂 She is fierce! And she makes her point so kindly still! lastly, and very very showing-my-hand-ly, she has babies… and none of them is human. (I really really respect you!)

Guy, guy! He tries really hard to sound very “cool dude” and well, he’s so sweet I sometimes tease him with that just for the fun of it. He has nice hair 🙂 and he lets me touch them just because i helped style them long back! He’s crazy about trying everything new in the market, and is more excited about telling me what he’s gonna try next! Silly guy, fun guy.

I met him when I was an infant, and I only remember I met him because I’m told so. He’s like me. He twists words like none other! He’s a joy to talk to, cause we’re always benignly debating! He’s the funniest and most humorous man I know 😀

Oh boy, now… and this one I’m not even really trying to hide… this person should know rightaway I’m talking about them… this person is the better parts of everyone mentioned above. This person has dynamic, and this person is so masterful that he releases his genius into everything he does… and it comes out as something else altogether. It can be hard to understand, so I’ll try and explain now. Can a person know everything, understand everything, FEEL and be able to write everything, and still be humble, be ‘normal’? Can a person look handsome and powerful yet have aunts and friends feel comfortable to pat him down? Can a person be so intelligent; to play silly with the kids and still be serious to handle all grave matters? This person… is so loving that he takes the hurt that come along is his stride.

I find myself talking in idioms and star-studded words when I describe this person 🙂 I find myself grinning, and tapping my fingers furiously to find good enough words. I find myself thanking, for unexplainable reasons, that this person exists. If ever there was a symbol of strange mysticism, I call him that. This person is my biggest secret. Hehe 😀

These are REAL people. They have personalities. They have element. I love them all.

PS, think you found yourself somewhere here? 😀 Try and guess, go ahead!

 PPS, Dear mom and lil sis, nope, you’re not on the list. You’d make a whole separate post the two of you 🙂 Not saying that I’m writing one… hehe… But you would. I have sixteen years of things about you, a full post might run short.



2 thoughts on “Real People

    Starstone said:
    March 2, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    hehe thanks for the kind words 🙂

      Ruchika responded:
      March 4, 2013 at 10:12 AM

      You guessed 🙂

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