Turning Over, Fresh

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Up until yesterday I have five leads to write on. Let’s look at that number again, FIVE. I was so excited this became the core of my Facebook posts, ecstatic conversation with neighbours and friends, and I even serenaded my poor best friend with nothing but this for practically two hours. Until yesterday.

Now… I’ve lost what I was feeling for all those leads. What I had planned to write and what the story was gonna roll out as. Now I am back to scratch, back to sheer blankness and I have to build all of that again. Oh and without overlapping, which you may be surprised, is what most writers do.. they overlap the personalities of their characters  until they are all basically slightly different clones. Believe me, I have grudgingly accepted my favourite writer does that.

But this is the monotony that will never cease. I will, as always, be extremely diligent in losing leads and fall back into depressing “writer blocks”. This time, though, what’s new is that I’m still writing through the block.

I’m not trying this time to construct fiction forcefully. I am just speaking about anything… like this very post; Letting everyone know that I’m in a block again, and WRITING about it.

You know that little voice inside your head that is reading these words? I’ve begun to like the sound of that little thing speaking 🙂

Recently I saw the movie ‘Julie & Julia‘ and that has to do with how I’m gonna treat this blog from now on. It’s a good movie, with Meryl Streep, good background score and lovely Paris. Just click on the blue text I’ve thrown in a link to Wikipedia and go check it out.

Julie Powell. Young, beautiful, talented and set in New York. Lovvvvves cooking, and loves Julia Child’s cooking ever more. So she takes on a challenge, aiming to try all 524 of Julia’s recipes in one year. And to make it a real challenge, to document it, she puts it on show for everyone to see, on a blog.

True, her character’s a writer. True, she’s a character who’s getting written lines. True, there is probably a whole team of people behind the movie who ensure her blogging looks good. And true, the sound effects and the dramatic effects as I see her write that blog are all very carefully planned by the creative team but AM I SWAYED.


Julie never made up anything on her blog. My blog is about the things I write, so there’s a lot of made up stuff… Accepted. Julie had a challenge and she wrote daily what she was on. I am hardly regular and hardly enjoying any challenge. Oops. Even the day Julie had a fight with her husband and just could not cook, she put that up on her blog “Yoghurt for dinner.” What do I do? I disappear.

Until now, that strategy has worked awkwardly. I disappear when I am under pressure, and my poor blog just waits for me. So here’s me turning over a new leaf… I will keep around. I’ll start now with mending my About page and the Categories on the panel on the right.. so it’s easier for any reader to go around.

I’ll keep updating fiction as it comes. Or the stuff from real life that sounds so much like fiction!

That’s my challenge.

I know what most of you are thinking… “She’s hit a momentary inspirational moment, she’s all fired up. It’s a movie.. she’ll soon forget and things will go back to non-fiesty blogging..”

Trust me, I’ve thought about that.

But isn’t that what a challenge is about.. to NOT forget, to keep going on..

I don’t know what’s gonna happen, I don’t know if I’m up for it. But hey, this kinda “I’m so sure” and “I’m so inspired” moment doesn’t come very often…

I’ll take my chance. 😀


What say you? What thinks you?

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