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Recently, I took a test at the British Council Division in my town, and the results were.. pretty mindblowing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I talked to my best friend about it, and explained from scratch what the whole deal was about and we went over it and then once again, to get everything right. And yep, it really was an achievement. My best friend, that guy, he still hasn’t lived that down. Says he’s proud about it. yet when I said I was proud about it because HE was proud about it, smack! I was hit with “Modesty wouldn’t hurt once in a while”… that’s what he said to me, and he’s the one telling me “I’m changing the world” ๐Ÿ˜› (No connection, he just thinks I am.)

He’s probably gonna be mad at me, for a while, for blogging abut that.. but he should try being less cute hey!

But today, soon after we had been through the regular prouding and smiling, I began wondering how in the world had I found this person. I just one day, started talking to him. No typical meeting.. he helps me pick my fallen books or we are two dorks alone at detention or anything like that. No thanks. We just started talking. And we haven’t stopped since. Been months.

First time we talked I ended “Gotta go, dinner.”

That’s never how I talk to people. I usually say stuff like, hey, I’ll catch you around or hey I’m cutting this short, hope you don’t mind. Not with him. Just said I gotta go. And it was that easy.

This isn’t a long long post about how awesome my best friend is. Because I can say it in one line too. He’s awesome.

I’m not gonna be saying though, that he’s the best in the wold. Figured, I love my bestie, doesn’t mean I have to go and lessen others’ besties alongside. That’s kiddish, and thoroughly unnecessary. I know anyone who meets him would love being with him. What more can a person achieve really.

Love you dost! (Hindi for friend)


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