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On publishing.. if you have ever, you know the blues.. If you haven’t, you should. It’s just another day at playing it smart.


What do we expect from a publisher normal and/or self publishing?

First up I would say a contract, just to protect our self, but just as mush to protect the publisher. So many people are not honest, some even steal your work and publish it, under their own name,  or under your own name without you ever agreed to it.

I would say a contract is not only made to prevent the publisher to steal your work, but to be sure of what you agree on.

I recently talked to this publisher, and I made a deal with them to publish my work, it was a self publisher, a in my opinion rather descent one, the circumstances doesn´t matter, I don´t wanna hang anybody out here, that is not my point. It was looking good up until I had the nerve to ask for a contract. I have to say I had mentioned I was working with a lawyer, and needed a contract early…

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