My Wife And Kids! (The Show hey!)

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To the point directly… it’s AWESOME. 🙂

My Wife & Kids is an American family sitcom. Originally aired on ABC (Though don’t know why that is important, doesn’t everyone just YouTube?) It’s about this really funny man, Michael Kyle, running his family the really funny way. “As he teaches his three children some of life’s lessons, he does so with his own brand of humor” says Wikipedia, and it’s right. Of course. Maybe some of you know Damon Wayans. Not likely though.. most people know him by face. He’s playing Michael here, and he’s done GOOD…

I started watching it a few days ago. My family started complaining of the increasing pitch of my laughter a few days ago. So I recommend you watch it with company, and you all laugh together and no body, hopefully, complains, minus the epic neighbours.

My Wife & Kids
Awww… see them smile!

There’s him.. Michael in the chair. You’re gonna see a lot of that smile. That’s Katie on his lap. My second favourite on that show, cause believe me, at four years old, she’s rocking! The frizzy hair woman, is Janet, and she smiles a lot too, but she gets up to “whup” some kid’s ass a lot too… 😛 The other two kids are Junior and Claire. Juniors is… no comment, I just don’t like him much though one of my friends does, and Clare… very very surprising, but most people are glad they changed her in some season..

But really, what the five of them make together… OOOMPF! It’s relaxed, but it’s not casual either. They usually have a lesson but that’s not necessary either. Like, the last show I saw, had the lesson… that a dad’s got to “break up” with his daughter’s crush if she’s over him… I know.. crazy huh 🙂

Anyway, I have some free time from exams preparation and this show, it’s just right. Unlike ‘White Collar’ which I love unmatched, but it really leaves me dazed these days… “Huh? What just happened?”

Here’s an excerpt from the show, I’m not endorsing it, just if anyone likes a good laugh, I’m sharing the info! (So who’s gonna say they DON’T like a good laugh..? 😀 )

Michael offered his son $1000 if he did well in his next math test. His wife, Janet finds out… and she’s hyper…
Janet: He should want to do well without money as an incentive!!!
Michael: Why?
Janet: Because I want him to learn math for the love of learning!!!
Michael: Why?
Janet: So he could get a good job!!!
Michael: Why?
Janet: So he could make a lot of money!!!
Michael: I rest my case!

#Gotta love ‘My Wife And Kids’ 😀





2 thoughts on “My Wife And Kids! (The Show hey!)

    Zakk said:
    April 6, 2013 at 12:26 AM

    Hi Ruchika, Its been a while 🙂
    I used to watch My Wife and Kids all the time back in the day. Reading ur post brought back some fond memories.

      Ruchika responded:
      April 6, 2013 at 1:15 AM

      Hey Zakk! How are you keeping
      This one is always a good laugh 🙂

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