Robbed and Laid Out

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There was a robbery in my colony today. Actually, there was a robbery in my colony three hours ago. It’s good that none of my neighbours read my blog, or they’d be surprised, maybe angry too, that the whole thing got on the net, and so quick too.

It’s an interesting job, rather clean too. I can wallow now, about having missed all of it, taking a shower!

A couple were living in the flat… they were both out at the same time for about an hour. The girl came back to find the door just as she left it.. locked. But everything else was wrong. I haven’t yet grilled my sister for details, but supposedly, the jewellery and everything essential was gone, laptop and even passports included. The last being rather funny, cause making fake passports is technically much easier than using someone else’s.

Now I’m wondering if I’m invading privacy by writing about this… But hold on a gory moment! The poor couple had lost all shreds of privacy right when they got robbed! Cause anything related to the police in India is FAR from confidential, specially when our law-keepers so easily let slip the identities of rape victims!

Nope. The two had their privacy laid out on the main road for all to peek, poke and plummet with questions and comments, the moment they got into this trouble.

From what I have pieced together, the most active people following the fateful incident have been the grannies of the colony… The wise old ladies. The moment they all heard (and that didn’t take long, they were on the scene in a JIFFY, bless their tired and/or old hearts!) they all gathered in front of the building. My gran even got my sister to get her a chair there. And they all talked and probably offered condolence too.

And then, all the grans took turns to slowly climb up to the third floor and look into the now-robbed house. I can’t believed I missed that… 😥

I only came to know about the whole thing, when I came out finally and heard my gran going to her own house and yapping away about how she would lock us in the next time she saw our front door open… Gotta love her concern. Gotta be scared too. But definitely gotta laugh till I cry!

So there it is, the tale of a poor couple’s lives turned right around three hours ago. Robbed, and laid out for all to see. And now I have blogged about it too, so it’s even on the net.

Bet the couple regret that hour they were out for…


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