Another Day

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Feeling miserable was what came along with Janice’s 6 am alarm. Like clockwork, she would slam the darn machine with her hand, roll over in bed and go to sleep again. Exactly fifteen minutes later she would wake up, her eyes wide, cursing herself for sleeping in, YET AGAIN. Later on the bus ride, she would wonder how she could manage this ruckus every single day, and just like any other bus ride, she would never find a solution. Surely it couldn’t be the late nights she had… everyone did that! Must be something wrong with the ruddy clock… must be shutting off on its own. Though the pain in her palm reminded her of something else happening every morning, she chose to ignore it. She had a plausible explanation and she was gonna keep it. Very well.

Janice would then check the length of her skirt… it had to be well below her knees for as long as she passed the main gate. The bulldog posted there needn’t be given yet another chance to pester her with snide comments and character summing… No, her skirt was all right. She would of course tuck it up under her shirt later. What else did she have those amazing legs for but to show? Janice smiled inwardly at the sudden pleasing thought that crossed her mind… One thing the bull dog definitely did not have on her were good legs. And she entered the building with that chuckle.

Janice Wright, said a browning nameplate on a wooden door. They still hadn’t changed it. Janice made a mental note to take the plate off on her way back home today and leave it at the front desk. That was her final reminder to them or she would make provisions herself for a proper lettering for her door, and that would be a slam in their faces.

She entered her neatly organised office, much in contrast to the tornado-hit apartment she left even worse off earlier today. She found a post it on her table. Trademark of colleague, Andrew. So there was a meeting in… ok, five minutes ago. Great, I’ll just head right there, she thought. She would, of course, clear out with Andrew later why she couldn’t be told on a phone line. But on second thoughts, she would rather just check her phone for his missed calls before she did that.

Janice crossed to the other end of the floor. The only significant room actually, and it was embedded right in a corner. How ironic. So what excuse would she use this time… traffic? Andrew had probably used that already to buy her time. Quick thinking was getting harder with each day.

Janice just entered and apologised. That worked all right for then. She took her place, and asked Andrew what she missed.

“Nothing much, Just your promotion. Congratulations Assistant Editor of Creative Wing, you now work right across my table.”

“Woah. Remind me later what all you did for me to get this. Hey wait a minute.. right across your table? Where did they put you?”

“Oh me.. I’m just the new Editor of the Creative Wing.”

And then Andrew smiled. He knew he had got her. Janice gave him a pat on the back and said, “So the party’s at your place.”

With that they looked ahead to listen to the rest of the meeting. Janice cancelled the mental note to get her nameplate done, there was now no need for that. What she did need was a working alarm clock, all the more important now. And she could now wear any skirt she wanted, however long, however short.

She also mentally thanked Andrew, for putting her day in order. And finally starting listening to the matter on chart.

Just another day with best friends.


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