Just Friends Together

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When his voice came to her… trailing over the sea spew and dying sun, she didnt hear a normal human.. she heard a god… For her, Varun was just that. But he was not into admission of feelings, so she had to always keep it in her heart. She knew, that even if she glazed his hand right now, he would panic. And not just today, he would feel awkward seeing her for two or three days. Sigh… the brunt of a single touch… it could outlaw the friendship of years. This was a shy god…

It didn’t ever bother Nina that he was much younger than her. Why should it? He was her friend. Just a friend. She knew that. Of course.

They were having their usual Saturday rendevouz at the Juhu Beach. It was a dirty little beach. Dirty with the plastic and human bodies. Little with the sand that looked so much like dirt that one didn’t really get a “beach-y” feel…

Yet, Nina loved it. Just that short little sandbed, and the brackish sea that ensued from it.. Even the waves that lashed the shallow shore were more grey than white.. But the place had an enchanting aura, a deep sense of dark truth and secrets that called her to it every time…

Nina listened to him speak.. the gentle waves added symphony to his subtle phonetics.. and the setting sun left a fiery glint in his eyes… she wished it wasnt so much of a romantic scene. He wasn’t romantic. There couldn’t be anything romantic here! It was getting harder with each passing day to evade the charms Varun carelessly let loose… he of course knew nothing of what he was doing.. he was but a boy

Nina was a ruthless businesswoman. Varun had been just the owner of a cafe she crossed everyday to work. But everyday became every morning and every evening, and the trips just started getting more frequent, as her home environment became more and more tense. She started spending her time there so much, that he had to notice her after all. She was practically where half his income came from.

Nina did much more than just notice Varun the first day he asked to join her for lunch. He had such common looks… the same brown eyes as any other Indian. The same weather beaten face. Yet, he radiated a calm that Nina sought. That was the making of her god…

Now, a few years later, Nina had Varun for a friend. She accepted that, for the time. If those years hadn’t been enough for him to realise the passion with which she formed her love for him, she would rather let it die now. Keep things simple.

Varun had been speaking for about twenty minutes. Nina realised, to her horror, that she hadn’t caught most of it. Varun never spoke jibber-jabber. So it must have been something significant. Nina started paying attention, and keeping it together…

When he stopped, evidently reaching the end of his troubles, Nina knew she had to think quick. He would be expecting a response, at least.

He looked at her, shifting his gaze from the dirty sand.

“Hmmm.. So what now?” Nina hoped hard, that she would get a hint from that at least.

“I’m thinking… focus on the cafe. Build business. Let the other things take care of themselves.. What do you think?” He asked, expectantly.

Phew. Saved this time. Nina would of course, just support him. She wasn’t the one with good advice in this friendship.

“Yeah, I think that would work. How is the cafe doing anyway…”

“Good. Great actually. Got more regulars now, than just you.” He smiled.


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