Never Seen Her Cry

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“I had never seen Janey cry. I had heard her cry, I had felt her cry, I even got my shirt wet those painful times (for me) when my Janey cried.. But I never saw her. She had always been a rather strong woman.. She wouldn’t cry easily. She would hold in, wait till the moment passed and cry later.. She would cry in retrospect. And I was always there when she needed to. Janey had faced more problems than anybody I have ever known in her life.. From seventh grade till today, I shamefully admit that I didn’t make a beautiful life for my wife. But my wife, she stays strong through it. She faces her share of assaults and aches head first and sits, and waits, for me to get home and then she runs right into me, buries her face in my chest and sobs to her hearts desire… Never have I seen her face when the tears fell.. I have only felt them.. And that is best for both of us, for I can’t see my Janey in pain.”
#what do you think? I am working on a slightly longer story here, and this is how it begins. 



What say you? What thinks you?

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