The Internet Spreads The Love

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My immediate surroundings, especially my school, are an eternally magnanimous critic of everything Internet. Facebook takes half the blow and none of my teachers (though 90% of them are using it, I checked) say one nice word about Mark Zuckerberg’s life’s work. But hearing and hearing and hearing (never listening) to all that monotonic bad-mouthing of the Net and all that I love about this tech-age, it gets frustrating sometimes to even hear more! I wrote articles and articles and gave speeches and more speeches about how Net really isn’t the new Satan my school makes it to be, and some of it, thankfully, worked for a little while.

But here I am today, grinning to myself because my whole entire debate just got made by this jig that happened at Rediff sometime. (Someone said something about someone and someone responded and someone apologised and we’re all in awe.)Thanks Ankur, for showing me this!

Okay people, when you go follow that link, just keep this in mind:

1) Humans love making things black and white. It’s not always like that.

2) Though the article shows in the beginning how the Internet really is malicious, read on. That’s when you transcend from solid colours and mix your own palette. Also, note this: Internet practically gave the entire world their right to freedom of expression. Did we really think expression meant sweet talk? So why do we blame the Net when hate speech, and such negative talk cross the Net.

Anyway, you decide. I think the Net rocks, and the people who love to hate it need to get a life.

So, the link: Click here

And as always, if you got an opinion, hit me with it.


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