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Laughing my head off today at life’s frivolities, I mean really laughing, wiping tears too! Yes, I still miss bestie, but been talking about him with some common friends and well, get a load of this:

I asked the common friend, Rico, if he punched people? Somehow he read it a bit longside and said Yeah Pete “punches me all the tym coz I m the 1 alwys around” which is just too funny cause Pete gave me a look (on chat!) when I asked him the same thing earlier. And there’s more, Rico says “i punch back, bounce back and the run away”. Now just imagine these guys, 20 plus them both doing a Tom and Jerry remake in the house. Please tell me you at leaaaast smiled. They are really sweet guys, which you’d probably know if you are lucky enough to talk to them, and don’t tell them I said that, cause I can almost see them say “Sweet? Us? Please girl…”

Yeah they’re like that.

Are you on Facebook? Have you heard the term Grammar Nazis? This part is funny too.. so ¬†courtesy Facebooking and the blatant lack of spell check and autocrrect on most devices, people can post in just about any twisted god-knows-what-they-are spellings on Fb. What’s more, since most of my friends do all the writing of their lives on Fb walls and comments and posts, they speak not Hindi, not English but Facebook. It’s got to be a language already. So much so that anyone, like me, who doesn’t often write Thank You as “Ty” is called irritating sometimes!

Yes, I mean what the hell happened to normal proper English? I still think spellings are sexy, but no offence to those that eat all the vowels, them hungry people. It just takes me what, 10 seconds extra to read what you said? And well, your loss, you don’t know universal abbreviations not me.

Back to Nazis. It’s still okkaaaayyyy if you know your grammar, but if you ever, ever dare commit the heinous crime of correcting someone ELSE on Fb, you’re so dead meat. That’s what gets you the tag, Grammar Nazi.

Hats off to the guy who was creative enough to make that title, but whack the same guy for making it at all. I don’t call you Spelling Hater… or Illiterate Lout… or plain Dumb Jack.

Today, suddenly Rico (yes, the one from above, seriously how many RICO’S would I know!).. Rico typed Chao to me.. and that’s when I just rolled off laughing. I am not arrogant enough to tell him it’s really Ciao, but hell yeah I’m arrogant enough to blog about it. It’s fun really, I probably never said a proper Gudmrning to him either, but Chao sounds so much like a name I almost asked him “Who?” until I realised he was just saying bye.

Oh lord what’s this popping on my newsfeed! A guy just posted this: “I am not cute, pouting is.”

And then my mom asks what I do on the net all day. I laugh mom! If I am out of story ideas i come online. If I am tired of writing or reading I come online. If I feel sick I come online and watch penguins beat the shit out of each other.. yeah, I found a video. YouTube’s got everything. Get this: I am writing about the net on the net, and there’s no one to stop me. How much cooler can it get. Can you imagine the freedom you got being online? Almost takes my breath away, I feel powerful here. That geek guy from Transporter was right, you let your fingers go crazy across the net and you’ll find something really cool. I mean, you are reading this, by the time you’re finished even if you’re pleasantly smiling you can hit a like, send me a message. You’ve never seen me, and here you are listening about what crazy stuff Rico did or who said what to me.

Wait a sec, I have a message…

Guy who posted that cute thing above says, Hello Madame. I can feel the smile spread already. And obviously I ask him what I did to earn that, we don’t talk all that often. And he says, Nothing. I’m just in a good mood today.

Where did simple people go? Because really, all this week, I have only found brilliant minds, those that make me laugh on Facebook. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. People who hate the net, get a life! It’s like hating the roads just because some lunatics drive their cars too fast or hating music just because some music is too loud for you.

Chill out, relax, let the Net impress you. If there ever is a job for Ambassador of the Internet yes I will take it.

And until later…. Chao! *wink*


2 thoughts on “Chao

    anuj said:
    May 29, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    Agree to your arguments in favour of The Net..but what about missing (nay, losing) the real world for the virtual ?? how cool is that ??.. Balance is the key, or so I think..still, good work; keep it up..

      Ruchika responded:
      May 31, 2013 at 1:36 AM

      Nobody “loses the real world” except freaks, and I for one don’t know any. Even while we are online we are sitting in the so-called real world, dealing with the so-called real world. For example, I can hear the noises made in this office I am sitting in, respond to the peopl who are coming in and I am keeping a look at the clock because I know, like everyone else who goes online does, that I have to shut off the pc at some time. So this real world defence is something critics use as an exaggerated con of the net. Nothing else.

      Thank you for your response.

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