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Posting about laughter has never been this fun before. I think everybody knows by now that the internet gave brilliance a chance to be shown. And here’s an example:

Emma Watson Is Changing

While most people were drooling over this picture of actress Emma Watson and largely discussing how different she now looked from her appearance in the early Harry Potter movies, this one guy was exceptionally creative and forthcoming with his funky mind:

He said, “Now that’s a huge fart.”

I hope Emma sees the funny element of the whole thing and decides not to sue this knight in humorous armour. I for one wouldn’t, but then I don’t see a scenario where I’d be wearing those shorts and a coat on top too. Really, is it summer or winter? For celebs I know it doesn’t matter, their seasons are more like AC or outdoor, but that’s still a not-me combination. 

What surprised me today was the sheer NUMBER of pro-Internet and pro-happy things on Internet posts I saw on Facebook. In fact, I even logged up with a site that does just that! Upworthy posts about significant things, usually poignant things happening worldwide, and thanks to email, I can get instant notifs of such events. Go ahead, join them, they’re at: 

On Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/Upworthy?hc_location=stream

And their site; http://www.upworthy.com/

Since I’ve safely established over the last few posts how awesome the Internet is for me, and how much I appreciate it, this I promise will be my last post about the same. There is no end to how much I can love the things that hit me online, and I find new stuff every minute. Yes, I just found something more. 

Patrick (amazing man) Stewart. Also known as Captain Jean-Luc Pucard in the world of Star Trek. Also known as Professor Charles Xavier in the world of mutants.

But a hero for women, in every world.

Watch this: http://www.upworthy.com/a-brave-fan-asks-patrick-stewart-a-question-he-doesnt-usually-get-and-is-given-a-beautiful-answer

He’s talking to the crowd. He’s asked an unexpected question. No, I’m not going to tell you what it was, I really wish you’d see the video for yourself. And as Upworthy says, after 2.40 he’s going to break your heart a little. 

Okay, I have to reveal! He answered the fan’s question, very candidly, very completely. But then he did something he just didn’t need to. Absolutely out of his character, no compulsion, and that’s what shows the kind of man he is. They were ready for the next question, and suddenly Patrick Stewart asks: My dear, are you all right?

Frankly there’s not much to the question. We throw it around all the time don’t we. How are you? You good? Whatsup? But listen to him say it, see him say it, and it means everything. He’s genuinely interested. He probably might not meet the girl ever again, but it is important enough for him to ASK. I wonder if I ask my relatives that question when they clearly seem in trouble as genuinely as he did. I hope I do!

A word of information: If you feel the urge to support the organisations he mentions, just watch the video with Annotations on, yes those pop ups that are usually for marketing. You’ll find the helplines and websites you need. 

Well,  I am now bedazzled by the power of Internet. It’s brought me some good friends, the best friend. It’s got me enrichment. Made me closer to people around the world, made me understand the world. And as much as critics continue to condemn Internet in my school, I can only pity them that they are that shallow. Internet is not the fault, you are. As I say, you can make a weapon out of a spoon too, so are you going to boycott cutlery next? 

My last word after these last few blog posts: The Internet rocks. 



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