Unwavering Ambivalence

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Friday the 13th may not be all that genuine, but I like the idea of having one day in the year when you can senselessly blame all misfortunes on the date (of all things) and be fine. That said, this is one post that deserves reading by one writer I really admire.
Also, such an interesting idea! I may write my own views on this some day…

Mostly Bright Ideas

FortuneTellerThere was a time, when I was a teenager and therefore remarkably witless, that I fell for every crackpot idea that crossed my path. I was certain I had extrasensory perception, could move objects with my mind and see the future, and would eventually figure out how to walk through walls. I believed in ghosts, alien abductions, witches, sea monsters, psychic healing, astrology, numerology, auras, demonic possession, magic spells, good luck charms, communication with the dead, parallel universes, and spontaneous combustion. If it defied and contradicted modern science, I was convinced of its truth.

I’m older now, and much wiser, and have all but let go of those childish notions. And there’s at least the glimmer of possibility that the rest of the world is doing the same.

For example, Friday the thirteenth has always been a date when many of us felt free to blame our problems and mistakes…

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