That Gal’s Body is Like

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Nobody undergoes as many radical body changes and nobody feels the impact of those changes as much as a woman. Even babies, known universally for their epic growth rates within months of their birth don’t compare to a woman’s life.

Not to sound simplistic and reduce a female’s life to revolve around her body, I can present this argument in a simple and effective way. Walk through my life with me. Or better still, walk through an anon woman’s life (a trope for all you know!) and judge for yourself whether all those videos, speeches, walks and movements for women are just a hype people need to get over.

Pause reading here, and watch this. (Found via Upworthy)

Assuming that you watched it, I shall now word the video so that you don’t have to depend solely on those beautiful music and colour effects to understand what the issue is.

Children don’t have a concept of style: they have never known what colour blocking means, or that ‘some things just don’t go with some things’. Their world, very typically, is their favourite shirt, and stretching it for as long as they can. Style, just life fashion, is an entirely grown up matter, which little girls first encounter through TV and when they go shopping. The world of elders is fundamentally cool to youngsters in every aspect; so it is not surprising that they try to imitate elders in dressing too. Soon, they start experimenting with clothes and model their appearances on other women whom they find appealing. That’s when they open themselves to tags. God forbid,  if the girl likes thick kohl, she is suddenly called “goth” all through school. Similarly, it is confusing how wearing comfortable jeans is a bad thing. When they can’t answer these strange questions, girls just try to fit in.

Then comes puberty, here to unsettle everything girls painstakingly become familiar with. Mothers and educators go to great lengths to help young women accommodate their new bodies and handle themselves. But before young women can become comfortable, suddenly they find the whole world glaring at their breasts, being catcalled and what not, just because their bodies exist, as any normal female body does! How can anyone help being normal. But because they get treated in this extremely uncomfortable way, girls either become very cautious of their bodies, or very open about them, and both are ways to give meaning to this sudden attention and take back control.

From then on, it is a complete loop. It is undeniable that slim figures and glossed out hair and faces are what the world has grown accustomed to attribute to a ‘beautiful woman’. Hence, every woman, heedless of the fact that she may be ill, injured, genetically plump, healthy, pregnant, old or just plain comfortable being as she is, has to grapple with the decision of either fitting the movie woman niche or being herself. To take things one step further, ABSOLUTELY NO body type or body style is fully accepted. There will always be criticism, whether you are fat or thin, or shined and manicured or natural.

Some of us make it. Some of us just don’t. A select few find a saintly balance that every other woman envies! It’s constantly happening to every woman around you. Let me restate what is happening to every woman around you: They are having to deal with the fact that they have a body.

Which is as absurd as dealing with the fact that one breathes oxygen.


One thought on “That Gal’s Body is Like

    Bhanvi Satija said:
    October 24, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    It’s wonderfully put! What’s important to note (and to add, if I may) is the very fact that men go through such changes too, maybe even more – except the changes in there body are more a matter of pride than being objectified, and since changes – both bodily and other are dealt with pride – they are easier to deal with. It become difficult for us, and certain communities like the LGBTQ community.

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