I discover Smoothies!

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To anyone who wants to pamper me, truly indulge me, and see my best excited face, gift me a Danone Choco-Smoothie this January, on my birthday.

(Life Potion)
(Life Potion)

I discovered smoothies this December, and I sincerely believe that I have wasted eighteen years of my life. But thank the universe for Reliance stores that introduced me to what I am certain will become my weakness forever. So anyone who ever wants to blackmail me, spend 20 bucks on a smoothie.

This stuff is honestly worth every cent, calorie and effort that even someone as lazy as myself will make to go get it. In fact, all of that doesn’t even matter because the moment you take ONE sip, your world will completely collapse into that singular mouthful of sheer magic in liquid form. If these were available in perfume, I would wear it.

This blog post is issued in public interest. To make your life complete.

Excuse me now, I have to go and edit my About section and the list of things that completely define me.


What say you? What thinks you?

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