Geeky as it may be, tell me you saw this coming. Since the revival of this blog, so much love has been emailed that a page for you guys just had to be created.

I am not really sure what kinds of questions you may have but this would be an opportunity to access a comment box handily, it’s right there at the foot of this page, and some other information you may find useful is right belowww.


QUESTION.  Where can I find a comment box?

Are you new to WordPress and blogging too? Oh, are you new to the INTERNET? Well first, I suggest you just surf the web to get a little friendly with the coolest invention on Planet Earth. Second, there’s a comment box at the foot of Every post. You may not see it if you scroll down the home page though. So click the NAME OF A POST or page and then scroll to the bottom to leave a comment.

By the way, I LOVE COMMENTS and frequently contemplate mailing cookies to commenters. Just saying.


QUESTION. What do you blog about?

Oh. Well obviously you’re new. Honestly, I’d like an answer to that question myself, sometime. But very very broadly, I blog about anything and everything that’s on my mind and that I can ramble about for more than 7 minutes without repeating myself.

I share a lot of stuff from the Internet. I write fiction and people try to persuade me I am good at it.

Also, it’s best that you get to know my blog and my other shenanigans through my Facebook page.


QUESTION. Are you going to be frequent or should I just move on? Huh.

Wow, well of course. Do you expect me to say No to that anyway? I write as much as I can without making it a compulsion. Every time there’s any announcement about the blog I will update this place, the Who Is This? page and my latest post.

Usually I write once a week, but no promises. So, stay!


QUESTION. Why does it say ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’? What can I comment? Is it okay if I comment without knowing you? Does my feedback matter?

YES. You’re important to me, and there’s nothing more to say about that. Write whatever you want to comment and since I give that freedom, the ‘awaiting moderation’ tool is to ensure there is no extreme profanity or vulgarism in somebody’s comment.

Because honestly, it just doesn’t go with my blog colours, period.


QUESTION. My phone is malfunctioning, what should I do. I tried to shut it off and resta-

You’re in the wrong place, chum -_-


IMG_1133Any more questions? You know how to locate the comment box now.

Help me be shamelessly self-selling and spread the word about this blog! Thanks!


What say you? What thinks you?

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