There’s A Thing About Jane

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Janet W. Richards, twenty one and counting, brunette going redhead with constant coloring, fair. Head of her department at Vericixon Power Corporation, at Sales. Much to everyone’s surprise (but Mr. Vericixon’s) the company made video games and not commercial energy. And Janet was the bulldog who ensured that it had a market to produce for in the coming years.

Alex Harris, with nothing to him but a celebrity name, twenty seven and madly obsessed about Janet. Foolish to even think about it. Smart to never mention it.

And lastly, Colin A, with a single-letter surname, boyfriend to Janet for all he’s worth. Unemployed. Refrigerates her dinner and leaves the door open before going to bed at 9 positively, half an hour before she returns. Apparently, she’s happy.

This was the scenario till October 2, Tuesday. And then, everything changed.

“Alex, where are your reports?” Janet demanded over the office line, not bothering with pleasantries. Alex slipped the photograph back in the drawer and answered. “On their way to your desk.”

Replacing the receiver, Alex searched for the folder he’d prepared yesterday, wondering why it was still with him. A mistake, it seemed, a dangerous mistake. Worried should he disappoint, Alex grabbed the folder from under a pile of graphs and stat-sheets and ran out of his tiny office. Returning a minute later, he opened the drawer, took out the photograph, slipped it in his pocket and ran out again.

Colin waited a minute outside the building, checking his reflection and zipping up the jacket as a last minute decision. With an air of excitement, he slipped in, nodded to the man at Reservation and walked to his usual place.

“I’m really very sorry, I can’t say it enough times. But I promise-”

“That’s all right Alex. You can leave.”

Janet didn’t give him a second look. For a moment, Alex thought he’d tell her directly. But one look at the machine in front of him and the thought fled.

As planned then, stealthily, as he made his way out, he slipped the photo out of his pocket and let it fall. When it didn’t make a sound, Alex breathed easier.

“Alex, you dropped something.”

He froze. This couldn’t happen.

“It’s not mi-”

“Alex,” she interrupted, “if you want to give me something, just give it to me.”

That was it. All was lost. He couldn’t possibly hide it now. Quietly he picked the photograph up and put it in her outstretched palm, his head low.

He couldn’t be more embarrassed. She looked at the photo silently. He saw her eyes run over it multiple times. The photograph of Colin with the girl he met regularly at the restaurant a few blocks away. She didn’t speak, she didn’t look up. So she knew about it, or she had had her doubts. Alex wanted to die.

“Thank you”, she said.

Alex literally fled to his tiny office and collapsed into his chair. Shit! Stupid! Now he had ruined everything! Like hell he was going to get her now!

A few blocks away, holding hands with a blonde wearing pink lipstick, Colin smiled. The he reached for his vibrating cell phone and saw he had a message from Janet. The smile fell.

It said-

“I hope she has space for your unemployed bum, Mr. A”

And that is today.



Catch that CHEAT!

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We all have known a cheat sometime in our life. The experience is never half okay. But what do we do when we are betrayed, mildly or horribly? Be angry… Have revenge… Take ‘control’ lessons ( ๐Ÿ˜› )…. Try to forget?!…. Prepare ourselves for ‘next time’…. et al. But not me. HE-HE-HE-HE-HE!

Not me. The first thing I do is make sure I push the rage out of me through some writing (you are reading this, remember?). And then…. HE-HE-HE… I stand ready with aย  hammer behind that person, like his shadow, and hit him , POING!, on theย  head every time I see it will hurt! Makes me seem like a monster, no? Not exactly, actually….

You try and play with me and I make sure I give you hell for that. For example, just an innocent example, I dedicate this ENTIRE post to that one person who has set me upset recently, and….. that person, just you wait. *Devil Horns*

FIRSTLY. Dearest reader, since you have made it this long into this post, you deserve to know that the furious volcanic temper discussed earlier is not that frequent. ๐Ÿ˜€ I DO forgive. I DO know there’s a thing called ‘mistakes’! I am not Satan’s child, seriously! But really, neither am I an apostle. So if people tiff with me, and cause me hurt just for the fun of it, those evil monsters, they can’t expect mere tears and fright from me, I AM AS BAD. And that’s only fair!

Running Man

NOW, back to that cheat. Scoundrel. Oh don’tย  worry, I don’t hate you yet!

You hurt me. You knew it when you did. “Don’t be angry plssssss.” “Are you in an okay mood?” “I really feel awkward!” My foot.

You thought you would do it over the net, you didn’t have to see my face. You chose the last day of school. Nice touch, I must admit. But sweetheart, it’s just 48 days till I see you again. What will you do then, squeaky meeky rat-sy!!!

You thought you would copy the things I held dear, I worshiped, I LOVED myself for achieving! You stole all of that and thought that you could always lay back on ‘inspiration’! You DID tell me- “You are my true inspiration!” But what you didn’t account for was My New Policy.

Article One of which reads- Do Not Indulge in social service anymore, in social formalities anymore IF it co-incides with your General Well-Being.

I’ll make it simpler for you, you illiterate bufoon! It means I no more take crap from cheats like you (believe me, the insults repeat in this shallow circle only because of a certain Internet Code of Conduct in me.)

I no more sit back when someone takes advantage. I no more let it pass. Not I make BLASTS! I make sure everyone has heard of the disgusting thing you did, and I do it AS YOUR FRIEND. It’s simple; you play mean, I play false.

You stole My Things. I will make sure you never like that. But, look here smarty! I WON”T EVEN WASTE MY TIME ON THAT!

I’ll just push this ‘mission’ to the back of my mind until I find the opportunity (no planning, no time-waste) and then I SHALL STRIKE! And I’ll rest again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I always did like dormant volcanoes you know.

What’s more, you thought you’d get away with it. You would tell the world- ‘Ya she was more into this kind of stuff but I just wanted to do this… You know, I always had this passion…” and so on. But anyone can read the fine print. They’ll know.

There is no law for this kind of crime. But it’s the make-or-break thing in school you know. Ohh, you’re so dead ๐Ÿ™‚ (I can’t control my emotions! I can’t help it!)

Of course I am jealous! But that’s not gonna be your excuse. You’re gonna GO DOWN for treachery! Miss, who cares about jealousy, huh? And you thought you nailed it when a local news-bee chatted with you… “Ohh! So sweet!” he had said. Don’t make me laugh! That’s heights of cooing a baby!ย 

This is what I’ll do to you! Cartoon you already are, I’ll just make you this exhausted.I won’t even cry, “Catch that Cheat!” You are ALL MINE!

So there’s my 720 word love letter to you. Read it all? feel upset NOW? Good- see you later.

Disclaimer;ย  FICTION