Some Movie Experience!

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There are movies, and then there is ‘Barfi!’. Yeah well, that’s also a movie but it’s an exceptional movie, so.. then there’s ‘Barfi!’

Sweet Barfi
This is the sweet kind of Barfi.

I can’t imagine how much you’d miss if I didn’t start with telling you the significance of the name! Now Barfi, in Hindi, means a square piece of sweet. Like the ones in rows in the picture. It’s more of a shape really.

Also the sweet Barfii… probably sweeter. 🙂

But in the movie, it’s the name of our protagonist, who had the bemused audience wondering for months how they could make a movie whose name means- A Sweet? But they did make it. And they made a masterpiece. Barfii is deaf and dumb, and his mother named him after the stereo she loved, as ‘Murphy’. Alas, Barfii could only pronounce a shrilly version of it, and he became Barfii. I swear you’ll melt when you hear him say it.

Of course, I recommend this movie to everyone. If you don’t understand Hindi, you can find it with subtitles and anyway there aren’t many dialogues. Read a review, they are all pretty good. But there’s more to this blog post really. A lot more.

I was going to watch the movie a second time yesterday. (Or today, since it was overnight.) Yeah, it’s that good. Suddenly, one third through the movie, the screen went blank Caput! 🙂 I was enjoying it. Naturally people begin speculation- what’s this? Ooohhh. There were the usual lot who thought it was the interval. There were the proud and vulgar men who just whined and said they wanted their money back. There were cute kids making ghostly noises. There was my neighbour flashing disco lights from her smartphone. And there was me, thinking of how I would heroically protect everyone in a minute when the terrorists swamped in. 🙂

But all that happened was an attendant coming in to tell everyone to please move to another hall and sorry for the inconvenience. I was loving it!

But I should have foreseen. The craziness that would ensue!

Such typical idiocy began when we reached the other hall that I was only vaguely surprised. Sometimes these people just gnaw the hope out of me!

You would expect that people would just proceed to the seats numbers they had been sitting at in the previous hall. Yeah, good joke.

How thick does one have to be to see that the only difference in the new hall is that the middle clump of seats is divided in two as an extra aisle runs through it?

But no, that somehow made it “not necessary to retain the original seats, and you could sit wherever you want.” So no matter who paid so much extra for the top seats, if you reached it, you got it. Thankfully, most people had gone to their own seats in the first place but this mustached idiot above me was bent on showing his argument skills.

There was the pestering wife, who only shrilly shrieked every now and then that these are ‘our seats’.

There were the smart sons (the real seat-owners) who treated the pesky lady respectfully and let her make a fool out of herself.

There was her meddlesome kid who kept jumping in with his stupid observations and I wondered what school he was in.

There was the educated idiot as is everywhere, but thankfully this one only counted wrong and nothing more.

And then there was Mustaches. The idiot man who wanted better seats than he had bought.

“NO no no! Nobody’s following the same seating plan.”

God I hate mustaches. And specially that Mustaches. With his pot belly and all.

The smart sons settled it all. They took different seats, next to me really, and I had a good time laughing with them. And things went right when an attendant found that other family in someone’s else’s seats also and asked them to please take their own seats, which they could no longer find and… had to sit in the third row from the front! Divine justice!

But that’s Some Movie Experience don’t you think?

Though, let’s hope that doesn’t happen to you when you go to see Barfi! 😀


The One Lovely Blog Award

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Tebogo Ndlovu nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. And try as I might, I can NOT write a good fiction piece I intended to, she’s got my attention so grasped.

Firstly, you have GOT to know the rules. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the creator of this Award-

1.Give credit to the person who nominated you.

2. Describe 7 things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers.


Since I was nominated, here is my diligent compilation of 1, 2 and 3.

Tebogo Ndlovu. First of all, check out her blog at http://www.tebogondlovu.wordpress.com I think I have never read a poem as beautiful and as ‘just-there’ as A Homage to Our Lips. Remember a curve that sets everything straight? You will, after you read. I am really grateful, Tebogo, because to be nominated for an award for my blog is something I never expected.

Now, as to the 7 things about me…. why just 7? That will be a challenge.

  1. I love writing about cheeseburgers though I have never had one, and never will, because only recently I learnt that a cheeseburger is a hamburger with cheese.
  2. I am avid reader and I adore Jeffrey Archer and Mitch Albom.
  3. I love dogs but only one dog ever loved me back, and now she’s dead.
  4. I often say to myself that I would have been “as lost as El Dorado if I didn’t write.”
  5. My favourite pass-time is to find things to do, even if I always end up ignoring what I find and finding other options…
  6. I love colours, but black is my favourite, because it’s really a spectrum of all colours!
  7. I hate hate-speeches. (Tell me you liked this one!)

And now, to the 15 other blogs I nominate! Here we go-

  1. Starstone! Just read her Hillflower story, I keep saying.
  2. Second Lunch! He makes wonderful illustrations, though I love the one where he battled WordPress and Blogger out best.
  3. The Good Greatsby. He’s funny. I hope he is. Because he needs serious attention if he isn’t.
  4. The Whine List. No comment. Plain awesome.
  5. Mostly Bright Ideas. Bright? Electric!
  6. Rutendo Chabikwa. I’m linking her’s to a post, and that should explain her substance.
  7. “The Two Bruces explain it all… because the world needs all the help it can get.” Sure!
  8. The Oven Mitt. A food blog. No, a drool blog.
  9. Scribbled Poetry. Though this blog is not on WordPress, I think that shouldn’t be the reason to remove it from this list.
  10. The Nomad Grad. Her Barrier Reef adventure is one to die for.
  11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  12. Tebogo Ndlovu. WHY in the world not.
  13. The Third Oracle. Because, he is just, mind blowing.

That’s all. I know I’m short of a few. But I can’t fill in names just because I must. I’ll go read and then I’ll update this post.

Thanks again, Tebogo Ndlovu!

Why Chan?

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I love the martial arts.

So what I can’t stand a film like Return to the 36th Chamber or take all that ‘Ooh-Ah!’ for more then a few minutes? So what I never find one kung-fu film very different from the other? So what I don’t melt on Bruce Lee’s eight-square-pack abs?

I love the martial arts.

The swift movements. The dance-like fighting. The no dependence. The rush in the body. The power felt in every cell. The sheer magic.

Everyone’s heard of martial art greats. Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Brett Lee….

Sorry? Not Brett Lee? Are you sure.

What was that? He’s a bowler? Yeah, he balls great hits!

No? In cricket? Let me see…..

Yeah… Too many emotions on his face.

But my favourite is Chan. Jackie Chan. Here’s why-

Jackie Chan
Frustration? Yeah. Depression? No way! Dejected? You kidding?
  1. They keep killing his uncles and ants and friends. He kills them back without having to make shrink visits.
  2. He was the first to add humour to his kung-fu. His moves are as good, but he takes a joke or two on his expense. Look carefully sometime, that is really how kung-fu maintains an audience.
  3. He looks good even when the baddie is strangling the air out of him. Or hanging him upside down.
  4. His accent in English is alien, but easy to accept. That’s called gelling in without changing at all!
  5. He never walks out of the scene scot-free. The usual scratch, cut, fracture and ambulance is included.
  6. Even if you hate the movie, it’s all worth it because they show the behind the scenes afterwards. Even Hitler would agree he’s great fun!
  7. Jackie Chan is, without doubt, the real humour icon. I mean, keep him on one side, and all your comedians- Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Eddy Murphy, Owen Wilson, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Kristen Stewart- on the other. He wins, he wins hands down!

I could argue with you all day! (All day being hypothetical really, I don’t have all day- my Half Yearlies are here. In fact, I don’t even have half days… )

But I’d win in the end. I mean, ask Chan to pull no expression, just stand.

Jackie Chan
Huh? *This is me giving you the death look*


Jackie Chan
He. He. 🙂 I know.

Jackie Wins. 🙂

Teachers or Bond?

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Ah! Just as I was writing this, Page View Stats showed that two people from India just viewed my blog. Yayyy! Or it is just one person who clicked on two blog posts? Great viewership, no? 🙂

So happy.

In India, every 5h September, we celebrate Teachers’ Day in memory of one of the greatest teacher India ever had, and the second person to hold the President’s office, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. My school, as well as all the schools of Delhi at least, give our teachers a break (or get one ourselves). The teachers sit for programs or luncheons or something like that in the Auditorium while the seniors, the students of 12th standard, take their place. These students come dressed up (otherwise we have uniforms) and they are assigned classes according to a teacher’s daily schedule. Cool, eh? It used to be.

But my focus changed yesterday, when I read the day before’s newspaper. Yeah, that happens with me.

They are having Global Bond Day on 5th? Starting this year?

WOWWW! A whole day for BOND!


What do I wish people with now? Happy Teacher’s Day or Happy Bond Day? That is ONE SERIOUS problem!

  1. If you have the knowledge, you must share it. So many people don’t know it’s Bond Day. They are missing on so much! I must wish them Happy Bond Day.
  2. When you constantly do things differently, people classify you an iconoclast. If they know the meaning of iconoclast. I should just save my skin and go with the usual Happy Teacher’s Day.
  3. People seem never to have got beyoond that eternal mistake. When you wish someone something, they say “same to you.” That gets weird on birthdays and teachers’ day. Same to me? Why? Happy Bond Day would make that all right.
  4. I can’t possibly explain to every person I meet in school why I am wishing them Happy Bond Day!

Happy Bond Day!


Oh! To mark 50 years of Bond films, the backers of the 007 series are declaring October 5 “Global James Bond Day.” The date is tied to the 1962 release of “Dr. No,” the first film in the long-running franchise. Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will sponsor the day-long series of events.


Swell. Nah, I’ll stick with Teacher’s Day.

But one look at Pierce Brosnan in that eternally epic look of his in

Pierce Brosnan
Shaken not stirred. Of course.

Diamonds Are Forever, convince me that I am just faking it. I am really actually excited about Bond Day. Why, only God knows, given that there is no event here in Delhi.

It’s like being excited on your favourite actor’s birthday. No reason, but I bake nevertheless. 🙂

I mean, come ON! How many heroes have made a hit with the people for so many years that even after 50 YEARS of the franchise rolling, we offer no resistance that the Bond remains the same age?! That is some compliment!

And of course, Brosnan was the best Bond ever.

Of course.

(Scrolling up…)


Well in that case,

Happy Teacher’s Day, Bond!