Start Up Days

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The best thing about being in India, in eleventh grade, is that Craziness is CERTIFIED. It’s not just the scheme of my school, the thing is, in eleventh grade every one every where goes ballistic down a rat race to form, form, and form a winner profile, and then to apply to BIG colleges.

The sad part about this, is the moment you let your passion be your sole concern, that’s when you start getting Ifs and Buts in your plans. The Indian education system is perfectly moulded for the Science and Commerce people. Talk about the Arts/Humanities and you mean Problems.

In very simple terms, we have a cut off system in eleventh grade. In the results of tenth, those students you get 9/10 or above are eligible for Medical Studies, 8/10 are eligible for Non Medical Science, 6/10 are eligible for Commerce and anyone else, gets PUT INTO Humanities. I repeat, Anyone Else gets Put Into. Of course you can always OPT for Arts, as I did following passion, but then you are greeted with very very raised eyebrows. Are you stupid, they ask. If you’re not, are you bent on wasting your school years, they ask then. Oh you want this field, so you ARE stupid, they spell verdict.

Anyway, this isn’t a whiner post at all, today. This is a celebration post. I found sense in eleventh grade, and in the first two weeks too, hurray.

What is the good part about humanities. Field trips. Taken for granted, so kinda free. Time to breathe as there is no extra tuition or coaching centers. We do get the maximum holidays too. Pluuuusssss, we get to waste time.

No seriously, that is very important, cause Imagine a day after a lot of heavy theory subjects, like Political Science and History, and all this in a school where you read from textbooks only and other resources are your own extra digging. So when we get lots and lots and lots of reasons to waste some time, we like Humanities.

Today, for some abstract reason I haven’t yet fathomed, eleven-thees were on the prowl, roaming free and frolic. There is some kinda Math Conference tomorrow, so we had something that resembled a trial run today, and many volunteers, most of them from the ‘useless humanities’ were “busy” with that. That left the rest of us innocent bystanders with very less class strength and very disinterested teachers. Ohh, it gets better!

So, to put all us eleven-thees under one roof to make it easy to watch us, we were called in the Auditorium, where some silly film about an Indian mathematician, Ramanujan, was played for us. Now everyone knows that was just a herring, no one expected us to actually listen or the volume would be appreciable, the teachers only wanted us in one place and all accounted for.

That’s where my friend circle comes in. When you choose a stream, you choose YOUR stream, and all your friends from the previous class are dispersed. Now we are all teenagers, and we are all rather emotional and possessive. So I took my nine periods of school today as The Opportunity to meet anyone and everyone I knew. And that worked just fine.

I have friends in every class, and every sphere I engage in. Sure, some are very special friends, but it’s pretty established that I’ll find someone to talk to anything I sign up for. When you’re just separated from long friendships and put in heavy streams like Humanities, this is important.

Back to the Auditorium we are. So we are “watching” a film, and we are all talking. Two of my friends from the row behind me engaged me in a debate on how good (they said) and how bad (I said) a new TV programme was. I said it was so typically American that it wasn’t really American at all. They laughed to that, and I cried after that, as another friend aimed a paperball at my head.

This guy is Ankur. He has symptoms of ADHD (just kidding), is destructive (not really kidding), and has very similar interests as mine. First we talked about upcoming Video Conferences, Debates, Seminars, Student Exchange with Foreign Countries, Blogging and also some tests like SATs… Then, drained of such mundane things, we dismantled a fallen ID card and shot it into the crowd. I don’t know how I became so senseless.

He then shrieked “Eish hairy!” looking at Ramunjan’s chest in the film, and while I recovered from the laughter, he was moving towards the front rows where the chairs became sofas and I followed him, with two other friends. It was a tight squeeze for all four of us to fit in one sofa, but we did it, part because we really all just wanted to sleep, and part because it was fun fighting for space.

My friends, are saviours.

Later in the day, I had a seminar about education outside India planned with the insane dude from above, Ankur. Secrets of the trip include why we were going for this particular seminar. We are interested and blah and blah.. but we admit, Most of the reason for attending was because it was held in a Good 5-star hotel.

Ok everyone, lay back, and imagine…

Golden and cream doors, with polished glass and valet service pronto. Scented air conditioning. Wide corridors, flower decor, carpet to muffle the footsteps, huge crystal ball afloat a porcelain saucer that together made a sort of fountain. A second fountain where the steps at the end of the hall began, and this one with tiny orange and golden fish in it. Violet and deep blue flowers in every nook. Glossed handouts outside the seminar hall and inside, a BUZZ of ambition and a JINGLE of intelligence.

It’s these kind of places that remind me what dreams mean. Dreams… are our personal world of 5-star.

Tonight, so, my word for all the eyes that read these words now is, Please do remember to enjoy. New beginnings I find may be hard… But with friends and a little dreaming, these start up days can become bliss.


Much Nonsense

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Warning: This post is not intended to cater to anyone looking for intellectual matter, actually, it’s not fit for any sane category either. It’s just a lot of taking, by me and my little world In India…

Good morning y’all! It is a pretty good morning… Well actually, no it is not, it’s a depressingly cold day and I can’t decide whether a sweatshirt is apt or just a thick shirt… The hard decisions of life hey.

So nothing special about the morning.. But there’s definitely something special about the DAY..

A Chemistry test got cancelled. Do you need further evidence?

(You were warned, this is gonna continue 😉 )

I write this post today, to get back to the friends and friends to-be in the blogging world, I know I haven’t been very punctual for very long. No excuse. Just things.. 🙂

So what’s up with me..? There’s a Book Fair that you guys will probably, hopefully, know more about soon, cause I have so much to tell. Just when I get down to write about the trips (I had Two!!!) I get so overwhelmed that.. sigh… I’m overwhelmed now. 🙂

As to today… (Remember this post is titled Nonsense!) … wanna know how tenth graders hit some time off? 🙂

I had Art Class today. I was having a nice arty time, copying a picture of SpongeBob from a print to my  drawing file, in sketch… when suddenly one of my friends, is so bored he dares touch my sketch 😛

I called this guy Vansh in one of my posts (These Are Crazy Days!), so I’m gonna stick to that name.

Vansh here, he hates anything that isn’t run by motors or not linked to Iron Man. So how could he possibly care for Art class, and SpongeBob at that, when he was bored?

He touched my drawing sheet, I gave him the look. Turned out, I kept giving him the look, for about an hour… cause we entered a game of how long I could do it… well eventually, I could drop the scrutiny in the eyes and all and just do with a stare, but it went for an HOUR!

During the said hour, the art class got over, and a friend had to lead me to the classroom a floor above in the building, not that that stopped me from banging thrice into stools… why in the first place?.. because I was still staring at him duh!

Climbing the stairs, with my huge art file in hand, being led by a rather giggly friend who is just OKKKAAAAYYY at navigation… whilst all the while walking backwards so I can actually stare… I bet the kids around thought there was a parade coming 🙂

Now my staring wasn’t doing as good as I had hoped.. he wasn’t much moved, nor feeling stared down… he was kinda laughing along…

So I was thinking of a way to get the hand again… and while thinking I started humming… Humming the sound of thinking…

And there it was. He laid his own trap. He said “Oh stop humming! It’s irritating!”

Oooooohhhhhooooo! He doesn’t like singing 😀

And out comes my TRUNK of songs…

I am not a good singer… And I didn’t even try this time. 🙂

They were all Hindi Classics, so I’ll put in the best translation I can. And by Classics I mean, age! There are hits from my mom’s and even my gran’s time and some of the pictures they featured in are even black and white 😀

Though that’s also half the reason I often know only a line or two of the song hehe 🙂 But it’s always the epic line, in tune, so what the hell right 🙂 So here goes, what happened today, in transcript…


Aankhon Mein Teri, Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayen Hain… (In your eyes there is something special)

No! Come on! That’s the line, that you’re not ALLOWED to cross! You are NOT singing!



I’ve only just begun hey! Hehehehe! Abhi na jao chhod kar, ki dal abhi bhara nahin….. Naaaa, nanananana…. (Don’t leave just yet, cause my heart hasn’t had it’s fill yet)

Yeah right. I’m that snake from the poem (The Snake, by D.H. Lawrence) and the poet just doesn’t want me to go! Geez Ruchika! Come onnnn 😛

Tuta tuta ek parinda aise tuta, ki fir jud na paya! (A pigeon hurt itself such that it couldn’t fix itself)

Ladies and Gents, presenting my home theatre system! 5.2 SURROUND SOUND! Presenting… Ruchika!

Tujhe dekh dekh sona…. tujhe dekh kar hai jagna… (Fall asleep looking at you, wake up to look at you)

I’m not interested Ruchika! Look elsewhere! I’m single and happy!

Hey!!!!!! Don’t flatter yourself, no one’s asking you! 😛 I’m talking to Saumya, I’m just stuck looking at you! 😛 😛 😛

Tuney Jo Na Kaha, Mein Wo Sunta raha… (The things you didn’t say, I kept listening)

You know what, I actually like this one. You trolled!

Chahey Tum Kuch Na Kaho, Meine Sun Liya… (Even if you don’t say anything, I hear it)

Yukky! Cause what.. you got ultrasound in your ears??

If you don’t say anything and I still “hear” it, it’s gotta be some brain reading, not ultrasound dummy!


Whatever you!

No you!


Then we talked about who was “whatever”, about disco songs, how Iron Man could easily squash SpongeBob anytime (I’m no SB fan, but hey we were quarreling and SB was under represented), and we concluded with how Lamborghini is pronounced…

That took us through three periods 🙂

It’s fun how absolutely nothing can take up all our time in the day, and yet we act like we are serious SERIOUS people, now launching into the world, competing in exams, and “building our profiles”. I’m glad for everyone who made Iron Man cool, cause that is keeping Vansh innocent… I’m glad for everyone who’s responsible for the songs I sang, for that made a lot of my classmates laugh… I’m glad for whatever forces put me in the same school and same class as my friends, these guys make me believe in such nonsense stuff, that it may not really be nonsense! Well, not so nonsense that I can’t post it!

Good day y’all! Please! Even my best friend’s day is chirpy today, and I didn’t even do anything to make it so… It’s meant to be everyone!

Hehehehe 😀








These Are Crazy Days!

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It is the worst of days. I am certain I have at least fifteen kilos in my backpack today, and ten kilos is stuff I have to submit for evaluation that is not quite complete. (I go to school :)) (And the school gives homework 😉 )

My friend is ill, and believe me she is MISERABLE when she’s there. I can suggest things that benefit her, but she yearns to be a doctor and has Ifs and Buts for everything I may have to say. Obviously, she’s been through the list already.

Plus, it’s a rainy day, and I love the rain… but I’m stuck in the middle of the classroom, too far from the windows for my liking… so I’m working out who’s seat to beg, borrow or steal…

That’s just the atmosphere of the whole thing… there are still more important matters that are worrying me… Oh goody, they all come under one heading- Grades. 😉

I get good grades. I want good grades. If I don’t get good grades I must have tried not to get them. It’s like that.

So this semester, when I’m not getting very great grades and I didn’t particularly “ask for it”… I’m at war. Why the hell have I lost marks like this?

Let’s talk about the GK Paper. (Yep, we still have those… Neolithic huh 😉 )

There’s this question, and it has four options. The usual. Tick mark the correct option, and get marks if it’s right. Simple. Though sometimes I wonder if correct means correct-correct or what-will-be-accepted-correct. But anyway, here’s the Q…

Statement: Military training should be made compulsory in schools.

Person A: Yes, because every person has the right to protect his country.

Person B: No, because one should not indulge in violence.

Whose viewpoint is correct?

So that was the Question. And here are the four options to choose from…

A- Person A

B- Person B

C- Neither

D- Both

Now think a moment. It’s a twisted Q with twisted opinions, and frankly, they are asking whose viewpoint IS CORRECT. So I understand if you wanna roll your eyes. Yeah right, dictate viewpoints now. And think about us kids, who had to actually ANSWER what the CORRECT viewpoint was. Wonder how they claim they don’t wanna make homogenous robots out of us then. 😛

Anyway.. hope you’re still thinking. So either form an opinion or go along with me..

So.. what I thought… and whatever answer you form of your own, PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS PLSSS

I thought: Military training, schools, compulsory. We’re talking of a pretty dictatorial regime. So I can safely kick out Person A’s idea… and anyway, rights should mean an option, a freedom to want to protect the country, Not making it compulsory… As to Person B, had you not given me the statement, I would have still disagreed. Sure violence should not be indulged in. But tell that to all the armies of all 191 countries that await standing instructions. Too ideological.

So there goes my vote to Option C- Neither.

And there goes a huge cross out. It’s wrong? So what’s right?

Option A they say. Why?

Wait for it…

Because the book..

..from which they got the Q…

says so.

Oh ok. But why?

Because it says so.

And that’s the end of the matter. I ask one more question, and it becomes a Question To Authority. And I certainly can’t afford that what with the hugessst exams of the year coming up.

(It’s not always so unfair. Just that this test I lost a hefty four marks on things like this, and I’m pretty pissed.)

Enter another test. Last for this post. English.

Not a good result again. But why not… man, it’s almost murderous.

I think my teacher doesn’t know the meaning of ‘per se’. That’s perfectly okay… But it gets excessively awkward when I have to go and tell her…. She’s the teacher after all..


I like that teacher. 😦 She’s sweet. And that would be mean of me…

So I sulk and live with it, but don’t go and claim the arks I have lost for that “jumble” (since she didn’t understand what the words were..)

But we are both disappointed with my paper. She says she was expecting more from me. But that’s okay. I was from her too. 😉

(Peeps at school, that was a JOKE. Just to make it clear. 😀 )

So we talk about it. I sulk some, she nods some. I sulk more, she nods some more. Then I ask her if I could still try for a bonus test we give to cover for those marks, though I know I’m past the deadline.

And she agrees. See what I mean? She IS nice 🙂

So I have the weekend to read for that, and I do. I read over my sister’s birthday. I read through my favourite movies. I read through rainy days :/

But I read.

And I reach on time, I even pull up my tie for a serious look!

And she refuses.

She’s already entered the marks in the final list, and she can’t change. Sorry.

Do I burn or do I burn!!!! Fine whatever, I didn’t get too good grades! But I got grades like everybody else, even close to a rival’s and damnnn, that’s NOT okay.

I vent some of it out in my role as Antony (William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar) and I must sound pretty Roman then… and dramatic. And like Antony.

Eventually, with all that disappointment, and anger, jealousy… and a dire want for mutiny against the teachers, I just didn’t feel too good. Nibbling at chocolate didn’t help.. Wind didn’t help… Rain helped a little… I missed my best friend. And he was away…

Sadistic day… dismal even…

And then there’s a turn.

“Ruchika, meet me outside after class.”

The English teacher. Ohkay… So while I’m cursing everyone to sit their idiotic asses down and shut their idiotic mouths up, has she actually come up with some compensation?

After class she somewhat forgets she asked me to come out and I run after her. Then she tells me….

(She’s an angel!)

“Ruchika, come for the test in the next class, I’ll be in the faculty, and I have yet to enter some marks so I can change it.. So, come then.”

“Ma’am.. if you’ve entered them.. I understand I was late-”

“No, it’s okay. I understand.. I can do this much, specially when I know you work for it. Had it been someone else who I know is just here for the marks I wouldn’t. But you have been working and I can do this…”

That’s right! I work! YESSSSSS man! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!

Day’s looking better already huh 🙂

I got the grades. Finally 🙂

So what do I do now, backspace the entire post? 🙂

And magically, ABSOLUTELY magically, my friends become fun too! They’re back to their usual craziness. Like what, I’ll tell you..

Nome of them is a big fan of marriage. They almost condemn it like top critics. They frown and shrivel their nose and what words they use would scare a new bride to bits! So when I heard them talking of EXTRA-marital affairs, I listened. Woaaaahhhh. Not just any extra-marital affairs, THEIR OWN.


They planning on getting married AND having an affair? They PLANNING?!

Now this is interesting. Vansh is planning on giving his wife all the freedom.. but to a limit 😛 She can’t have an extra marital affair though. Tut-tut!

Nisha and Ria have decided they will DEFINITELY have one affair. Because, come on, “it’s a dual source of treats” (Ria) and come on, “one boy for the REST OF YOUR LIFE??? Let’s be practical” (Nisha).

Of Course the names are changed, or they’d kill her.

Of course they were joking.

Of course I breathed free when I realised they were.


But wait.. they’re not done. 🙂 Vansh wants a wife who plays Play Station! But obviously, she shoudn’t be able to beat him. I ask him, politely mind, if he has some match making site in mind for that kinda specification… or if his radar is on already. And to that he grunts Imagine! As if he was talking sane himself!

And that was just the beginning… Then I met a long lost friend, yapped and yapped abut music to two fellow junkies, got gifted chopsticks by a real tight friend cause it was “about time I learnt how to use them” (I’m practising on Two Minute Noodles hehe) and there was chocolate truffle for lunch! Imagine!

Now isn’t it the best of days 🙂

And wowwie… my best friend’s back. Say cheers everybody.

This won’t be the first time writing on my blog has given me something good. Maybe it’s lucky for me 🙂

But let’s see for how long.. there’s still seven prime hours of the day left to decide if it’s the best of days or the worst 🙂 But what’s definite.. is that these are crazy days 🙂

Till then… Ta ta!


Oh and don’t forget to answer the Question! Military training one… from the options 🙂

Emerald Blue

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The bottle was too emerald a blue. That quality made it all the more easier for Ali to imagine tall tales about it.

He thought of Arabian sands more for their peculiar paleness that would strike particularly odd against the bottle’s richness than anything else. He thought of traveling princes…

Sindbad, for his father, the king, had named him so, was exceptionally tired. He had grown among the heat of the sands and the heat of the sun yet, he had never been able to truly love them. He blamed it on the refuge his marble and granite palace gave him, all his seventeen years, with a number of clear pools and fountains on every round corner. Sindbad had none of those luxuries now and was reminded of how his gentile character really depended on their presence. Truly, he feared losing his head under all that heat. Sindbad reached for a water bottle. His long fingers, white and fatigued with the constant tugging at the horse’s rein, searched in vain but it was a sad truth that no water remained on his person.

Would he finally, shamefully, call on his fellow travelers and ask them to part with their worthy share for their prince? No. He wouldn’t betray his loyal friends like that- he wouldn’t press them with his position when they had done so much for him, without thinking of the dangers of that very position, as their presence here was proof enough.

Just as his hand withdrew from the empty bottles, his best man and better friend, entered the tent. It was very unlike Mirza to enter without announcing or asking permission. Sindbad wondered what was wrong.

But Mirza had seen the prince’s falling face and the empty bottles. Before voicing his worries, he took out his own flask and handed it over.

“Please, it’s yours anyway.”

Sindbad took the bottle, more out of respect than the ownership Mirza mentioned. If he refused, Mirza’s friendship would be wronged, a feeling of distance would impeach, of formality.

Sindbad had gifted that emerald blue bottle to him, studded with rubies and diamonds near the base and the neck, design-plated with gold leaf. It was a joke between them. Funny how it should save his life today.

Sindbad took only a few necessary drops of the precious elixir and thrust it back into Mirza’s hands. His duty now complete, Mirza said, “Your father’s men have caught on faster than we expected. We must move.”

Rejuvenated, the fleeing prince, sprung up a new man, and led his faithful quarry to another great distance across the yielding golden sands…

Ali smiled. He would much rather have pictured a princess fleeing her royal home than a prince, but he couldn’t bring such thirst, such misery on a lady and yet call her fair… Well, the lad’s got to take the blow then. Ali reached for his own blue bottle, having exhausted its imaginative potential, unscrewed the cap and drank like a dying prince himself. Water… the elixir.



Wish I Was A Moron

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Fiction, again, because I find I express myself better that way. And if you like it, could you spread the word a little around? Page-view stats have been a weeny bit too disappointing lately.

“Seriously! Morons get it too easy! At least the world leaves them alone! No one passes judgement on them, whatever stupid thing they may do! It’s the THINKERS who get all the fireworks!” Robin screamed. The frustration had been mounting all that week, and it was only obvious that a burst was coming.

“C’mon Rob! Morons? Like there’s a class for them separately-”

“Oh cut the crap! I don’t want all of that Generalization stuff. Yes, it shouldn’t happen. But it does! And it’s just plain idiotic to ignore it and keep check on our speech just so we don’t hint at classifying people. In fact, it only strengthens my whole damn point! We care NOT to generalize, and WE get it hard!” Fuming, Robin kicked the cupboard, only to yell out in pain and clutch her sore foot.

“All right.” Akriti sighed. “Tell me all about it. What happened?”

What happened? Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened! I mean, I don’t even know why I am so angry, I really shouldn’t be! I shouldn’t be surprised at all. It’s so commonplace, in fact, that I must be overreacting!” And she kicked the cupboard with her other foot, in oblivious revenge. If she felt the pain, she hid it.

“Robin! Help me a little bit here? WHAT happened?” Akriti was getting impatient. Really, as good a friend Robin was, she was too trying at times. And all because she cared about how things went on. If something was wrong, it troubled her. Sad, how empathy could be such a curse.

“Just- the test. Now answer this if you please.

In a certain language, if yellow is red and red is green, what is the colour of blood?

Clear? What’s your answer?”

“Green, of course.”

“Wrong. Yellow.”

“But that’s inverse-”

“Yeah. But that’s what the teacher says so that’s Law. Now, there is still some logic to it. Ideally, they should write “Yellow is WRITTEN AS red and red is WRITTEN AS green.” That, they cut. Great. And then they expect us to follow the logic that comes to THEIR mind because of course, we are MIND READERS!!!”

Akriti kept silent. She knew only too well how often this happened. Robin let it pass most of the time, but it must mean something this time.

“And by the way, the real answer to that question, those exact lines is Red. They asked the colour of blood, not the colour of blood in that language.”

Akriti was shocked. Suddenly, she burst into laughter.

“Gosh Rob! Did you say that to her? Your teacher?”

“Of course not” Robin grunted in a low voice.

“I lost seven marks. In things like these. My grade changed to the second best. The report card is not perfect.” she finally let it out.

“Ohh. Robin-”

“I know it’s okay! It doesn’t have to be perfect all the time! But when it IS perfect and they just foul it up with their stupidity, then it’s NOT okay!” Robin went back to the anger pitch and Akriti covered her ears again.


Akriti shuddered even when it was over.

“I only wish you were softer.”

“Not happening! Because the morons just happen to be the loudest voices ever! EVERYONE listens to them, and their amazingly vulgar comments!”

“I listen to you. Is that any good?”

Akriti thanked the Lords as Robin shut up for a moment.

“Yeah. It is. Actually, it is very very important. God, I really eat your brains don’t I. But it’s your fault really. Why don’t you just let me be the moron?”

“Because you want to be A MORON! Listen to yourself- you want to be an idiot? I would rather have you as you are, though there are times when I wonder if there’s a difference.”

Robin sniggered.

“And now you laugh! You shout all over me and now you laugh!”

“Really, Akriti. WHY do you give me hope? It’s like a disease, like a plague! Hope is! It just has me romanticise with mere visions, that maybe someday I will finally be able to do something against all the things that are wrong. Maybe then I will really be me, and won’t have to lose myself. But nothing happens! I just wind deeper into- into this viscious circle! A circle of hope and disappointment, hoping again and having it shattered!”


Akriti got serious.

“I can’t let you go like that! You’re my friend-”

“And I care for you.”

She hugged her drama-storm friend.
“And your mom makes delicious pasta.”



Miss Touch Me Not

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There she was.

Walking with her arms wrapped tightly around her books, picking her way carefully through the crowd. Snobbish, ever so snobbish. She acts as if she would wilt if one of us touched her. Mean, mean lady. Miss touch me not.

Look, there she goes!

Holding her gym kit, standing at the end of the corridor, waiting for the cheerleaders to move, before she walked forward. Jealous, ever so jealous. She acts like she would wilt if one of them touched her. Mean, mean lady. Miss touch me not.

On her own at the table, I see.

See how she picks at her food with scorn? Maybe it’s not good enough for her. Of course! Prepared by the school staff, how could she eat it?! Pompous, ever so pompous. She acts like she would wilt if she ate our food. Mean, mean lady. Miss touch me not.

Let’s see what she does tomorrow.

At the other end of the canteen, at a table by herself…

Alone again.

I tried to talk to him in the morning, but he went off with his buddies. I got scared. Maybe they don’t like me. Maybe no one wants to talk to me. I went away to class, quickly.

Alone again.

I wanted to tell her I loved how she went to the top of the pyramid. I wanted to learn, maybe she could coach me? But before I could ask, they picked up their kits and went away. Maybe they don’t like me. Maybe no one wants to talk to me. I went to class, quickly.

Alone again.

I decided to go sit with them. But just as I entered, they stopped talking. I could feel their gaze on me, follow me to this table at the end of the hall. Maybe they don’t like me. Maybe no one wants to talk to me. I want to go back to class, quickly.

Maybe I won’t come to school tomorrow.

The next day, when she doesn’t, They say-

Mean, Mean Lady.

Silver in the Heart -26

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The pistol was pointed at his forehead. Karan could see down the muzzle…. All was dark….

He closed his eyes. Death would be so sweet…. Sunny….

“That’s good… resign.” The shooter was savouring the moment.

Resign…. Sunny…. her killer….. No….

Karan opened his eyes, a new motivation in them. He must fight. He must go on.

But it was too late. CRACK! The sound pierced Karan’s ears, he squeezed his eyes by reflex. Blood wet his cheek, warm on his skin. A pain shot out in his temple, like metal crushing his skull, and Karan lost consciousness.




Excruciating pain…

Thump thump

His head hurt like hell. So much pressure round the skull… like a hundred cello-tape rounds were squeezing it in place. This must be what Hell feels like.

Lub dub…. Lub dub….

His heartbeat was getting normal. Great, let’s go see Hell!

The pain kept throbbing. His head was really beginning to kill him…. just an expression…

“Karan?” A voice broke through his tour plan of Hell.

Jeremy?! What was he doing in Hell? Of course! That’s where he would go too. God.. that shooter… got to Jem too, huh.

Matters of a different world, Karan ignored them. “Hey Jem. Can you see?”

“You can too, Karan. Just open your eyes real slow. The lights are already low, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Nice setting in Hell!

Karan tried to open his eyes. It took some time to gain control of his eyelids. When he finally pushed them back, his temples hurt again.

“Wait, I’ll increase the light. I’ll do it slow, give you time to adjust.”

Slowly, lights came switching on. Switching on?! Soon it was as bright as day. Nice! There own light-control!

“Hey Jem, did he get you too?”

He didn’t get a response. He heard Jeremy scuffle over. Then his face blocked the nearest light.

“You look good. Why does my head ache, Jem?”

Karan suddenly realised. That light…. a hospital ceiling… A Hospital Smell.

He turned his head. He jerked his head. “Jeremy?”

“It’s OK, Karan. You’re here.”

And Jeremy lunged forward, overcome with emotions so. He hugged Karan like his life depended on it.

From beneath Jeremy, Karan managed, “Jerrmii, jusst becoss I’m stuc to the bedd dusnt mean you can take advantage uff mi.”

Jeremy laughed away. “Man, I almost lost you.” He was, thankfully, not gonna cry, Karan noted.

Jem got up. “Hey, you rest… I got to go check with the desk… anyway, I still got to deal with Officer Yadav.”

“Ya… that.” Karan groaned. His head hurt!

“Hey! What hit me?”

“His gun. I didn’t exactly see it would drop right on you… when I shot him. Dude, straight in the heart. Another thing to explain to Officer Yadav.” Jeremy rolled his eyes and walked away.

Karan closed his eyes. My man, Jem.

“Karan. It’s Room 207.” Jeremy said, from the door.

My man, my man.