I Have Decided

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I have decided a course of my future

And linked to it the future of my comrades

There is a foolproof plan

That neither villains nor circumstance can alter

None can dust their sadness on it

None can mold it any less sure

The course is set, the sails spread

And I will soon row away

I have decided where I am to go

I know the the direction like a compass in my head

These are big claims

I know they are hard

But the boat is strong

And I’m aboard, to last

The plan is simple, also challenging

But as long as I tread it verbatim

See, it is plain-

I will change the world

A single sentence is my aim

A single sentence my destiny

That I will change the world

I swear I will work for it

The day is coming to start

I took an oath in moonlit bond

The heavens have heard me all

On my voyage they will prod me to help

The helpless and guide

The stray

The heavens will control the clouds

And rains and give me sunshine

So I row to farthest corners of the realm

So I touch lives and make amends

I have a mission

And it is strong

It’s the hope a hungry woman yearns for in a street somewhere

Its the chance a young man needs to have a life

Its the future of a million kids

As I said, the future of my comrades…

My course was decided in the charts the day I was born

Only now I have realised it

But now I know the significance of a mission

And I have decided

I have decided

I feel so sure, so complete

But what are these voices that rise in my head

Why do they beckon me

Don’t they see my path is wondrous

That it’s a good destiny!

Why do they remind me that change is resisted

Why do they tell me I shall fail

Why can’t they let me try at least

Why do they call me high headed

I have decided


I have, then why do they sway me!

They come from the limits of my conscious

They tell me what I already know

One man can change one man can make a diference

But one man cannot row the oceans a new blue

I need not lose my life in this

I need to make my life this

That I shall achieve not in a voyage

But a million small treks in my own little town

I know this already

How could I forget

I knew, changing the world, is not a destiny

It’s the imprint of Alexander’s egotist self

One person so vain that they set about changing the world

Is like one person believing the world is in ruins and they are the saviour

I’m glad for my voices

They have bettered my decision

I have decided

I will make change

But to life, not lives

In small ways, not renaissance

So don’t prod me well wishers to change the world

I know you mean well but I have a decision

I’ll help you, you help me

And that shall be our common destiny!

I will time my other pompous zeals

For the day the sun rises in the west



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Five minutes of pleasure
Of sweet nothings of caressing smiles
Ten minutes of pain
Taken on by just the memories of those sweet reprieves
Wait for you day
And night alike
But in your presence
Time’s rhythm corrodes and rests sublime
Sunsets and sunrises
Mere things of the world
Tell me one more soft word
So I can carry it in my heart, forevermore

Thine and my heart
Mine and thy soul
Complete, dynamic, released
In the vicinity of calm amore
Just one more word, my love
Another syllable in rhyme
I’ll catch it and fetch it
I’ll take it through time

# Would really appreciate if everyone would just give their true opinions…

The Time Of Pain

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Its not when there’s people around
That the heart will admit to the bleeding pain
When there is chatter and noise and footsteps fall
That won’t be the time the heart shall yield
There is no silence in light

Its in the dead of the night
The solitary confinement of human mind
And the chill and creep of memories left behind
That the monster of that pumping organ
Is unleashed, unbound
And ready to bleed you out

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Romeo and Juliet are overrated

Died of miscommunication… so apart

I care even less for prince and princess

Sit dull and trapped in court all day

But nevertheless, they call them icons

Of love and royalty and regal joy

So in their idiom I speak to you now

I’ll sing about love and dance in the noise

In legend, if I have to be a poor queen

And I have to wear that mask of royalty

I’d bring you to court on my very first day

And make you my minister for evermore

I’d kill the king with a vice stronger that Hamlet’s madness

And I’d drive Macbeth’s kingdom to your feet

But we’ll give up all that

And we’d walk away

‘Cause fairytales are unnecessary

With you on my arm, you, just thee

All my love

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Hailstorms and snowdays they come and go

Even the sun succumbs to the dark everyday

There is sure to be bad news and pain every now and then

It’s part and parcel of life it’s a give and take

There will always be rough troughs between the roses

There will always be necessary intrusions if we care for people

But none of that matters

None of that defines

My love for you and our time

What matters is how you hold my hand through the thick

And if I’m there for you in the dread

What matters is we run and we do what must be done

But we always find home it’s always easy to return

I wont let a trivial parting get to my heart

It’s too petty to even affect my love

I meant it when I said I love you forever

And forever goes beyond…much beyond small troubles 🙂

I have given you my love… all my love

All my love for you



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What do we do to the people we love?

Hold knives on throats and press gently, slowly..

Why do we hurt the people we love?

We live to regret it but we do it nonetheless…

She loves me I can’t live without her

Yet I haven’t said a single thing that’s on my mind to her

Our conversations start with the weather, end with ringing phones

Our hugs and kisses are jokes, pretence that nothing’s chnaged

We sit next to each other all day, same roof

We age a little we die a little

But we choose not to try and talk

We’re stuck with our cares and our frowns

We know that the other can help, but we wont go first.

What do we do to the people we love?

I look at her, I feel dismay

I want her back but I won’t say…



The Feel Of It

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Note: Poetry continues… Do let me know what you think. 🙂

Dawns they say are purple and golden

And stars in the night time shine bright white

The faded pink of old envelopes they say

Brings them warmth like a winter night furnace

They say the lamps that hang by the distant temple

Glow brighter than the sun in the wrath of day

They insist I open my eyes and verify all this

And uphold their acclaim

But they don’t know, and they don’t feel…
The creeping tinge of the first sunrays and the blanket cold of the nightly stars,

The smell of breaking paper and the glow of fires on cheeks in the dark,

They don’t shine like the lamp, they marvel at it and call it miracle,

They call me blind to their poetic senses,

I call them senseless of my poetic blindness.